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Fairy Ranmaru Episode 7: Preview and Recap

Fairy Ranmaru
Fairy Ranmaru

The boys at Bar F continue following the Ten Commandments saving humanity. But Takeru has broken the law by sharing a bed with women, and he lied to the Queen. Later he saved a girl from a man who devours women. The boys vow to stick to their motto, ”We Save Your Hear.” Everyone is welcomed to Bar F, and their problems get solved quickly. The boys and Bar F has become a center of attraction. In the morning, the citizens gather infront of the gate, asking each other if this is the place.

But most of them are hot women who have lined up waiting for their problems to be solved. The citizens reveal that the farries will make their wishes come true. Takeru is busy cooking for the ladies as he listens to their wishes. Juko, Ranmaru, Uruu and Homura comes back. They are surprised to see Bar F filled with a lot of hot women. Juko asks what is going on. Takeru comments that they have excellent timing and they must be kind and help them, hot ladies. The boys realize that Takeru is at it again since he is so attached to humans.

Previously on Fairy Ranmaru Episode 7

The boys wonder why Takeru has invited hot women only. They are not aware that Takeru is fulfilling his mother’s wish of restoring their clan. The boys agree to help, and he offers them One Bar F curry special. Ranmaru and the rest help to serve the ladies the special curry from Takeru. They think that Takeru is friendly to the ladies and nothing else is going on. Ranmaru realizes that there are too many ladies, and the boys can’t help them at once. He told them to be patient as their orders will be on their way.

Homura is too shy when he is serving the ladies, and Urru seems to be friendly since he is used to be in the surrounding of humans. Takeru announces that the ladies will be paying 100000 yen. The ladies complained that it is too expensive, but they decided to settle. They comment that the price is nothing since the boys are handsome and hot. When they have done with eating, Takeru told them to visit next time. He counts the money and realizes that it was a profitable day.

Aqua Clan

Fairy Ranmaru

Fairy Ranmaru

The boys wonder how Takeru manages to convince the ladies and fill  Bar F. Takeru said it is much easier than gathering attachment. Juko asks Takeru why he is collecting human money since it is of no use to them. Takeru replies that is not the truth since the gate of hell open to cash. The boys talked about missions, and Homura got annoyed. Homura comments that the Aqua Clan boys only understand the mission and have nothing better to think about. Urru realizes that he is an Aqua Clan, and Homura is teasing his clan.

Urru comments that Aqua Clan is better than a doltish tendency of the Ignis Clan to resolve everything with force. The boys realize that these two will stop at nothing but insulting each other. Homura realizes that was a powerful blow and reminds Urru that he whacked his client. He insists that Urru is the real rule-breaker in Bar F. Urru reveals that he is an essential member since he has collected more attachment than the rest of them in service to his Queen’s mission. The Queen is impressed by his hard effort and work.

Homura got furious and reminded Uruu that Urru’s behavior hurt his clients. Ranmaru is playing with his pet like he can’t hear anything. He realizes that the boys must get used to this two since they are rivals. Homura and Urru continue to quarrel and tease each other’s clan. Urru thinks Homura has become a wicked soul. Juko is wondering which side should he be on. He stands in the middle and shouts at the two telling them to stop fighting. Later Ranmaru saved a lady from a guy who wants her to be his slave wage.

Fairy Ranmaru Episode 7 Release Date

Fairy Ranmaru Episode 7 will release on Thursday, 20 May 2021, at 11:00 PM JST. You can watch Fairy Ranmaru online on Crunchyroll.

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