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Facts About Jonah Hauer-King That You Must Know!

After failing to get Harry Styles to play one of the Disney princes, for reasons not disclosed, the actor who will play Prince Eric. He is Jonah Hauer-King. The 25-year-old will partner Halle Bailey in the live-action film Little Mermaid. The British actor was among strong contenders for two other actors who are also candidates, namely Christian Navarro and Asher Angel. Musician and actor Harry Styles was also a candidate but resigned. But then Disney made a choice on Jonah Hauer-King to play the beloved character of Eric longside Awkwafina, Javier Bardem, Jacob Tremblay, Daveed Diggs, and Melissa McCarthy.

Eric is the human prince who catches the mermaid Ariel’s attention. In The Little Mermaid, Ariel saves Prince Eric from drowning in the sea. Falling in love, Ariel then made a deal with a sea witch named Ursula to exchange her voice for a leg to get a chance to make Eric love her.

In case that you don’t know much about the lovely British actor Jonah Hauer-King, Here we summarize the accurate facts!

1. He beat Harry Styles for the role

Jonah Hauer-king on the set of ‘A Dog’s Way Home.’

Jonah Hauer-KIng succesfully beat the legendary heartthrob Harry Styles in the casting process of Disney’s Little Mermaid live action. The two were on a deal of the same role as Prince Eric, but only one eventually got the role.

Previously, Harry Styles was reported to have turned down an offer to become Prince Eric, and for a while, there were no more names circulating. He has been known as a member of One Direction until the boyband was disbanded in 2016. He then started a successful solo career. Style made his acting debut in the film Dunkirk (2017), Christopher Nolan’s World War II drama which garnered several Oscars. He was predicted to star in the biopic Elvis, produced by Warner Bros, but the role ultimately fell to Austin Butler.

2. Have starred in many British films, TV-series, and Theater

Jonah Hauer-king

Maybe many of you don’t know Jonah, but you should know that he already has a career to be reckoned with in England. His talent shines bright on the theatre stage before he decided to pursue an acting career in Hollywood.

He has appeared in the films ‘The Song Of Names’, ‘A Dog’s Way Home’, and ‘Postcards’ from London, the adaptation of the 2017 BBC series of the famous American novel ‘Little Women’. He has also played opposite Kenneth Branagh at the West End theater show ‘The Entertainer’.

3. He has a sweet voice

The live-action film Little Mermaid certainly requires the cast to have a beautiful voice, including the actor Prince Eric. You don’t need to doubt the vocal abilities of this man who was born on May 30, 1995. He’s been shown to have a beautiful voice that is steady and manly enough to make people swoon.

In a video on YouTube, he appeared to showcase his singing talent along with playing with a guitar in his room. He was singing the song ‘Hallelujah’.


4. Feminism activist and known as a smart person

Jonah Hauer King played Laurie on the PBS version of ‘Little Women’

It turns out that Jonah is one of the feminist activists, and she is not ashamed to admit it. He even shared photos of himself participating in the London Women’s March action in February 2017. His friends and comrades saw in the picture taken. Besides having a handsome face, cool acting, and a sweet voice, Jonah is also smart, you know. After spending time at Eton College, he moved to St. John’s College, Cambridge University, and graduated in 2017 with degrees in theology and religious studies. It seems like he is a complete package.

5. Theater blood flows in him as well as dual citizenship

JOnah Hauer KIng

Jonah Hauer King at an event

He was born and raised in London, England, but he has dual citizenship, namely Britain and the United States. Jonah Hauer-King grew up in London with his two older sisters, raised by parents from different countries. Jonah’s mother, Debra Hauer, is an American theater producer and director from the United States, and his father is Jeremy King, a British restaurant entrepreneur. Her sister, Hannah Hauer-King, is an artistic director and co-founder of Damsel Productions, a London-based platform that aims to bring together female theater artists, directors, and producers to breathe life into scripts written by women. So, being involved in the theater world is nothing new for Jonah.

So, looking at the several facts of Jonah Hauer-King above, do you agree that he played Prince Eric in the live-action film Little Mermaid?


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