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F4 Thailand Episode 7 Release Date: A New Trouble for Gorya, Thyme & Ren?

F4 Thailand Episode 7: A New Trouble for Gorya, Thyme, & Ren?
F4 Thailand Episode 7

F4 Thailand Episode 7 is going to be on the screen really soon. Audiences out there are excited for the same, and there are many speculations going around about the same. With each passing episode, the show has gained the attention of every K-Drama enthusiast and especially of the ones who are smitten over the “Boy Over Flowers” series. There’s a lot happening inside the series, and now with Ren back in the frame, things are surely going to get exciting and full of tension.

There are several theories about the same floating all around the internet. Many are rooting for Jundee and Ren, while others are going with team Thyme. After their chaotic date together, many have made their decision about this can-be couple. While Jundee is still in denial, Thyme has labeled their relationship as a couple. She is in a severe dilemma about everything happening around her, and the viewers are having complex and contrasting views about the same.

In the upcoming episode, many revelations are going to be undone, and we are sure that each one of them will leave everyone grounded and in awe. Here, we have summarized all the details regarding the same. Therefore, let’s have a quick skim inside.

F4 Thailand Episode 7: Spoilers & Recap

In the previous episode of the show, we saw Thyme’s mother closing a business deal with her evergreen stony facial expressions. The “collateral damage” i.e., Gorya is asked to be taken care of by her. Tia is ordered to do the job once she is back in Thailand.

F4 Thailand Episode 7: A New Trouble for Gorya, Thyme, & Ren?


The scene changes and the viewers are taken to the flower shop where Gorya’s boss is teaching her about Tulips and how they symbolize first love. Kaning and Boss are continuously asking her about Ren, who has surprised everyone by his return for a week. The questions are posed to Gorya, and she goes back in the flashback where we see Thyme announcing that they are a couple in front of Ren without even taking her decision into consideration.

F4 Thailand Episode 7: A New Trouble for Gorya, Thyme, & Ren?

Gorya and Thyme

Talking to Kaning and her Boss, Gorya explains that Ren has changed. On this, Kaning says that they are having a communication gap, and therefore Gorya should find an excuse to talk to him and figure things out. The excuse is Ren’s handkerchief which he left behind with her.

Back at school, we see Thyme embarrassing Gorya by calling her on the mic from the podium. She goes to Thyme and listens to his rambling about how he is not able to reach her. To this, she points out that her phone is damaged and then is handed a new phone by Thyme.

F4 Thailand Episode 7: A New Trouble for Gorya, Thyme, & Ren?


To make a conversation with Ren, she goes to the roof. There they talk for a while, and Gorya clears the point that he seems different and that she is not dating Thyme. She is left surprised and shocked when Ren suggests that they should date behind his back and then laughs at it as a joke. But was it a joke? He asks her whether he is too late in returning from France.

F4 Thailand Episode 7: A New Trouble for Gorya, Thyme, & Ren?

F4 Thailand Episode 6

The situation escalates, and we see Gorya meeting Tia and talking about how Ren has changed. She goes on a double date with Thyme at the zoo, and it is a successful one. Though, everything takes a sharp turn when Thyme observes Gorya and Ren embracing each other from a distance.

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F4 Thailand Episode 7: Where to Watch?

The television series is easily accessible to all the audience on GMM 25 channel. Moreover, it is also available on international platforms like Viu and the official YouTube channel of GMM 25 for streaming. All in all, it is easily accessible for both domestic and international viewers.

F4 Thailand Episode 7: When Is the Episode Premiering?

F4 Thailand Episode 7 is going to be released on February 5, 2022, at 7:00 PM. The cliffhangers from the previous episode will be over soon enough. All the viewers out there are rooting for their favorite pair to turn up together without any complication, but it is never possible with the situation the characters are in presently in the show. For the Bangkok audiences, the premiere time of the show is 8:30 PM.

F4 Thailand Episode 7: A New Trouble for Gorya, Thyme, & Ren?

Jundee and Thyme

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