Extraction Ending Explained: Is Tyler Rake Alive?

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Some movies stick to your memory because of their sheer technical brilliance. One such movie is the Netflix Action flick Extraction. Yes, it is the time when big-budget action movies with stars are doing extremely well. And it has in turn become a formula rather than a combination to appeal to the audience. But Netflix was certainly right with Extraction. The movie was immensely appreciated and received huge appreciation. Extraction was by far the biggest action flick ever produced by Netflix.

Ultimately, it was reported that it became the highest viewed film on OTT platforms. The movie topped every trending chart starting in the UK, USA, India, etc. It has been years since the movie has released but people still wonder about the ending and quite often ask a question about the Extraction ending sequence.

About Extraction

Extraction is an international action flick, helmed by stunt ace and now director Sam Hargrave. Hargrave is a brave and ace stunt coordinator who has been involved with numerous big projects like Captain America Winter Soldier, Captain America Civil War, John Wick and many more. The movie has a unique set of star casts belonging to various other international movie industries.

Stills from Extraction

But led by Australian heartthrob Chris Hemsworth and supported by an impeccably diverse and talented set of Bollywood industry star cast comprising Randeep Hooda, Rudraksha Jaiswal, Priyanshu Painyuli, Neha Mahajan, and Pankaj Tripathi. Also, there were a few glances of some fascinating actors like David Harbour, Golshifteh Farhani, and Adam Bessa, along with a short stint of Sam Hargrave the director, and Joe Russo the producer.

Plot Details

Extraction is about a black market mercenary who is appointed to rescue the son of an imprisoned crime head. The mercenary has to accomplish the mission withstanding the deadly attacks from the crime syndicate of Dhaka, Bangladesh. Also, the whole movie is about the rescue mission and how the mercenary, Tyler Rake bonds with the kid amidst the chaos. Extraction has some extraordinary action set pieces which not only look difficult but also look technically very sound. Especially the hand-to-hand combat sequences. The star cast, especially Chris and Randeep went through a rigorous training period. Where they not only trained physically but also mentally to sustain such raw and rough characters like Tyler and Saju.

Extraction Hargrave
Sam Hargrave and Chris Hemsworth on the Sets of Extraction

The movie is widely shot in a raw and gritty tone. The action sequences are designed wildly in the rugged corners of India and Bangladesh. It was after a long space of time that an out-and-out action movie was released which had an interesting plot to run with. The project was produced by the director/producer duo Anthony and Joe Russo. Their camaraderie is well known from their days of Marvel Cinematic Universe projects. So the whole combination was extremely hyped and was eventually told to be true to its hype after the humongous reception from the audience.

Extraction Ending Explained

Extraction had a very emotional and cinematic climax. The final sequence of the movie was written by Joe Russo and it shows the brilliance of the producer/director. As it happens, the climax showcases the dreadful fight sequence between the world against Tyler Rake. With the help of Saju, Tyler manages to rescue Ovi but the kid had to see the expense of his rescue mission with his innocent sight.

Tyler Rake was seen shot multiple times and was seen to have breathed the last sigh once Ovi was completely in safe hands. There the movie announced that it was the end of Tyler Rake’s arc in the movie and his end was inevitable. And very evidently Tyler’s death scene was shot by showing his body falling off the bridge where the whole sequence happened and it is assumed that he is dead.

Climax Extraction
Tyler Rake in Climax of Extraction

But the Extraction ending showcased something else, which powered the potential sequel. The last scene was Ovi jumping into a pool where he takes a dip. And from underwater, he looks at a person’s shadow looking at him. That shadow looked a lot like Tyler Rake. So the real question which stood out is whether Tyler Rake died or not? Now this question was left unanswered throughout. Till the sequel was announced a lot later than the release of Extraction. Although, the question still stands unanswered because the sequel could turn out to be a prequel depending on the producers. But the open-ended climax was a masterstroke indeed by Joe Russo. And was appreciated by the audience.

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