Expanse Finale Ending Explained: Will there be Season 7?

expanse finale ending explained
Expanse (2015-)

The Expanse is a sci-fi show that has been gaining quite some popularity. If you are a huge fan of sci-fi, then you must have watched this series already, and if you haven’t. Well, you should immediately start watching the series. If you have watched the last season, then you might wonder what is in store now. And if you have a problem decoding what happened, well, here is an article on Expanse Finale Ending Explained.

The series is inspired by the sci-fi book series of the same name written by James S. A. Corey, and has more than six books in the series, however for the tv series, the team has decided to leave it at Season 6. However, they have also asked not to think of it as an end to the series but to consider it as a pause. The show was once canceled back on Season 4, and many celebrities like George R. R. Martin, Wil Wheaton, Andreas Mogensen, and many more campaigned for the show to be again started, and well, that’s how we reached till season 6.

What Happened in Expanse Season 6?

So before we get into the ending explained portion, let us recap what exactly happened in Season 6. As we saw the rise of Marco with his Free Navy planning to get hold of the ships passing through the Rings. Hence, finally, we get to see an alliance with the UN, Mars, and even the Belters, who is represented by Drummer. They all have come together to put a stop to Marco’s plans.

expanse finale ending explained
A scene from Season 6.

The battle is not something that we can put into simple words, and you will enjoy it. For that, you need to watch the show. An epic fight like that cannot be just described in a few words to make it interesting. However, as any fights in space occur, there have to be sacrifice and massive destruction. Yet, of course, Marco was defeated in the end, as Naomi had intervened in the last moment with an idea. They had pushed enough materials through the Rings to activate it and considered that Marco’s ships were to be destroyed. That is what happens in the end. Marco could not achieve his mission to enter the Inner Belts.

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Expanse Finale Ending Explained

Now, after the battle, things have to be settled down. To make things settle, everyone concludes that there needs to be a strong union to protect the space from another sort of invasion. There was a meeting between the three of them to decide who is going to be the president of the new organization. After a lot of argument from the three sides, the Trade Union decided to make Holden the president as he is the head of the ship Rocinante, who is trusted by all the three of them.

expanse finale ending explained
A scene from the Finale.

However, the day the Trade union was inaugurated, Holden came down from the presidency and declared that Drummer should be the president instead. This would help in the better functioning of things, and there will be an appropriate representation of the Belts too. Though Avasarala was quite angry at first, then she seemed to understand what Holden wanted to do.

We then see Holden and Naomi resting and discussing all the new security measures that need to be installed, and they look quite optimistic about the future. However, then we are shown that Marco and Naomi’s son Filip has escaped the ship cause he could see through his father’s manipulation. He escaped on a new ship and named himself after his mother, Filip Nagata. Thereby destroying the evil in him.

Will there be Expanse Season 7?

Well, as of now, the show has ended with quite a happy ending. Though if we look at the novels, then there are more parts of the story, and it does not end here. However, the team has decided that they will put the show to rest for now. Hence, it has pretty much ended, but we should keep our minds open for more possibilities in the future.

You can watch the series here

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