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‘EXO’s Sehun’ Is Back With A New K-Drama

EXO Sehun is back with a New K-Drama

If you are here to learn more about the main dancer of the K-Pop group EXO, you’ve come to the right place. EXO’s Sehun is ready to make his comeback in the Korean Entertainment Industry with a new K-Drama. The drama is supposed to start its shooting from the month of April. EXO members have recently been doing either individual activities or serving their time in the Mandatory Military Services of Korea.

Sehun is also a part of the two membered group, EXO-SC, that made its debut in the year 2019. The other member of EXO-SC, as you must already be aware of, is Chanyeol. The two friends have been seen having a lot of fun on the sets of their first studio album ‘1 Billion Views’. But keeping his music career apart, let’s talk about Sehun’s acting career.

‘Sehun’s Comeback’ with a new K-Drama

Sehun has been catching the eyes of viewers by playing unique and bold roles in various K-Dramas. The multi-talented idol actor seems to be working hard to build his name in the acting industry. Apart from his group activities, Sehun has been starring in different K-Dramas.

‘Sehun’s Acting Debut’

In 2015, EXO Next Door was released, in which Sehun acted like himself, but just a little sweeter and sillier version. This marked his debut in the acting industry. In 2018, a Web-Series called ‘Secret Queen Makers’ casted Sehun, where he played himself and becomes one of the six men in the series who help a female travel agent, who lacks self-confidence, to find her inner beauty. EXO-L fell in love with the way Sehun portrayed his role in the web series and was left wanting more from Sehun’s acting side.

Secret Queen Makers

Secret Queen Makers

‘Sehun’s Next Steps’ in the Acting Industry

EXO-L wanted him to star in another work to see a different side of him, and so he did just that. In 2018 itself, Sehun starred in the action web series, ‘Dokgo Rewind’, based on a popular webtoon of the same name. The web-series deals with bullying, violence, and corruption within high schools. It is a story of three boys who have different lives but come together to fight against delinquency and injustice. As the web series was released online, EXO-Ls admired and were amazed by the character Sehun played in the web series. In March 2016, Sehun was cast in a Korean-Chinese film, ‘Catman’.

EXO's Sehun Is Back With A New K-Drama


This news left all his fans waiting for the release of the film. The movie was released in 2018 and is a romantic fantasy. In the movie, Sehun played the role of a half-human-half cat, named Liang Qu. He can fix broken hearts and is accompanied by Janice Wu, who plays the role of a woman who created an app to translate cat sounds and language. ‘Catman’ was one of the first works released in China after the lifting of the Korean Wave restriction which took place in China since 2016.

His Latest Role in a K-Drama

The Netflix TV show ‘Busted’ cast member, Sehun, was also cast in a supporting role in the Korean Drama ‘Now, We Are Breaking Up’ led by Song Hye-Ko, and Jang Ki-Yong. In ‘Now, We Are Breaking Up’, Sehun played a chic and cool character, a new employee in the fashion company where Song Hye-Ko’s character works. Sehun’s character, Hwang Chi-Hyung-In, is even given a romantic interest, Jung So Young, played by Shin Ha Young, in the series that helped Sehun catch the eyes of many new fans.

EXO's Sehun Is Back With A New K-Drama


In 2021, Sehun made his cinema debut in the movie ‘The Pirates: The Last Royal Treasure’ which was a worldwide blockbuster. In the movie, he played the role of Hangoong who is an ace archer. By working in this film, Sehun got the opportunity to work alongside Korean actors like Kang Ha-Neul, Han Hyo-Joo, Chae Soo-Bin, Kwan Sang-Woo, and Lee Kwang-Soo.

EXO's Sehun Is Back With A New K-Drama

The Pirates: The Last Royal Treasure

‘Sehun’s New K-Drama’

2022 seems to be the period for Sehun to shine as an actor as he’s going to play the male lead in the new high-school K-Drama called ‘Love, Hara High School’. It is a TVING original drama, where the idol actor will be playing the role of an 18-year-old named Go Yoo. He is an ace basketball player. The drama explores the true meaning of friendship and young love. It portrays the sincere feelings of young high-school students. The drama revolves around the concept of cellular memory syndrome. It is a syndrome where the organ receiver involuntarily gains the memories of the organ donor.

Sehun’s character, Go Yoo, is popular but too busy to have a love life. He’s always taking care of his friend Joon Hee. After Go Yoo donates his kidney to Joon Hee, Joon Hee becomes his love rival for Go Yoo’s first love So Yeon. The plot of the drama sounds interesting and Sehun’s fans are very excited about his comeback. We hope Sehun’s acting and drama receive the attention and love that it deserves.

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