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Evil Season 2: Everything You Need To Know

Evil Season 2: Everything You Need To Know
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Evil Season 2 is coming soon as the trailer reveals that the show will be returning in mid-June. Created by Robert and Michelle King, Evil is a supernatural drama TV show that follows a clinical psychologist, a priest-in-training, and a contractor. Here, we see a story filled with miracles, demonic possessions, and other supernatural elements that science fails to explain. While the setting itself is ominous, it does deliver as the show became an instant hit among the viewers. And a second season became soon in the works. And now the wait is finally over as the second season is soon about to air, and here we have brought you everything you need to know about it.

Evil Season 1 followed Dr. Kristen Bouchard, David Acosta, and Ben Shakir as they try to investigate cases that may have a demonic connection. For this, we have the priest in training, David while Ben plays the devil’s advocate bringing in a scientific explanation to any supernatural phenomena. We see the trio go in on several cases during the course of the season. But at the end of it, we are left at a cliffhanger as we find out how Kristen had killed the obsessive stalker in self-defense. We will see how Kristen deals with this guilt. Meanwhile, David was soon to be ordained, we will see if he has any change in mind over his decision to become a priest. Lastly, this season should help us get a better grasp on Ben’s backstory.

Evil Season 2 Release Date

Evil Season 2 is set to be released on 20th June 2021 on the show’s new home, Paramount Plus. The show’s first season was announced back in January 2019. And soon after, Evil Season 1 was premiered on 26th September 2019 on CBS. And way before the season’s end in January 2020, CBS had renewed Evil for a second season on 22nd October 2019. This was an indicator of a strong performance shown by Evil as it was only one of two shows to have not been canceled.

Then came the COVID-19 Pandemic that caused a delay in the production of the series. But later, the production picked up again as it began in October 2020 and got wrapped up by June 2021. But before this, we got the news that Evil was officially changing its network from CBS to Paramount+. This was a clear indicator for the success of the show that portrayed it to be in demand among other streaming services. Moreover, according to reports, Paramount+ is looking to make it a streaming exclusive. A streaming exclusive would mean that Paramount is looking to bring in new users to their platform who will be carried over by Evil’s fanbase.

Evil Season 2: Everything You Need To Know

Ben, David, and Kristen

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Evil Season 2 Episode Schedule

Just like its predecessor, the second season of Evil is set to have a total of 13 episodes. And here, we have the episode schedule for nine of the thirteen episodes.

  • Evil Season 2 Episode 1: 20th June 2021
    Episode Title: “N is for Night Terrors”
  • Evil Season 2 Episode 2: 27th June 2021
    Episode Title: “A is for Avenging Angel”
  • Evil Season 2 Episode 3; 4th July 2021
    Episode Title: “F is for Fire”
  • Evil Season 2 Episode 4: 11th July 2021
    Episode Title: “E is for Elevator”
  • Evil Season 2 Episode 5: 18th July 2021
    Episode Title: “Z is for Zombies”
  • Evil Season 2 Episode 6: 25th July 2021
    Episode Title: “C is for Cop”
  • Evil Season 2 Episode 7: 1st August 2021
    Episode Title: “S is for Silence”
  • Evil Season 2 Episode 8: 8th August 2021
    Episode Title: “T is for Temporoparietal Lobes”
  • Evil Season 2 Episode 9: 15th August 2021
    Episode Title: “U is for U.F.O”
Evil Season 2: Everything You Need To Know

Kristen and David

Where To Watch Evil?

Evil is available to watch on Paramount Plus. While the show was previously available on CBS, it is officially moving to Paramount’s new streaming service, Paramount Plus. This could make the show exclusive to the service thus putting it under a paywall. So for now, the second season has become doubtful for other streaming websites. Nonetheless, Evil Season 1 was also made available to watch on Netflix, Stan, and Sky. Additionally, episodes by Evil are also available to purchase or rent on Amazon Prime Video, iTunes, Vudu, and Google Play.

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