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Evil Season 2 Episode 10: Release Date & Spoilers

Evil Season 2
Evil Season 2

Evil season 2 has started on our screens for now, and it is quite obvious that fans are loving a fresh batch of episodes. Robert King and Michelle King have created this series, and it came out on the 26th of September 2019 for the first time. The show was made for CBS. It was produced under the banner of CBS Studios as well as King Size Productions. The cast list of the show is studded with stars, and we love how each one of them brings life to the character in their own unique manner. The genre of this show excels in supernatural as well as drama and thriller. The second season of the show was confirmed two years ago, but it was released that Paramount Plus is going to air the episodes this time.

As of right now, we have a piece of very great news for the fans. The creators have officially confirmed that Evil will have a season 3 as well. As for those who are not aware yet, the main plot of the show revolves around a skeptical forensic psychologist named Herbers. He joins his force with Colter, who happens to be a Catholic seminarian. They have a third member in the group named Mandvi, who is a technology contractor. The trio comes forward in order to investigate the supernatural incidents reported by the people around them.

Evil Season 2 Episode 10

A still from Evil Season 2

Previously on the show, we have seen a variety of cases that have raised our curiosity as well as entertainment. In the first episode, titled N is for Night Terrors, we saw that the team has been provided with the task of analyzing whether or not Leland has been possessed. The greater danger lies in the fact if he actually turns out to be possessed. It would mean that the team would have to exorcise him. The second episode was titled A is for Angel. It dropped out the story of the team who is charged with investigating a man. As per what this guy says, he can actually hear angels whispering into his ears.

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Evil Season 2 Recap

Hereby, we were already on the third episode titled F is for Fire. In this entry, we saw that the trio is trying to get to the bottom of the mystery of a little girl. It looks as if she is followed by a bunch of tiny fires. The fourth episode came out on the 11th of July and brought forth yet another episode full of drama and suspense. It was titled E Is For Elevator, and we see that the team is trying to investigate the case of Wyatt. He is a teenage kid who has suddenly disappeared without any clue. In the fifth episode, titled Z is for Zombie, we saw Father Mulvehill. He has approached the team in secret to have an evaluation on him but in a very discreet manner. The father believes that he might be a victim of diabolical oppression.

Later in the sixth episode, titled C is for Cop, we see that after an unarmed woman is shot, everyone panics. We witness a police officer who is to be investigated by our team to find out the reason why he pulled the trigger on a perfectly fine woman in the first place. The seventh episode was titled S is for Silence. We see that Father Thomas has died. This is why the team is sent over to the monastery in order to investigate the entire case. The weird thing about this is the fact that his body has not decayed till this point in time, even when it has been a year since he died.

Evil Season 2 Episode 10 Release Date and Where to Watch

Evil Season 2 Episode 10 is scheduled for release on 19 September 2021. The official title for this episode has not been disclosed yet. The entry is supposed to drop out on Paramount Plus at 3 AM as per Eastern Time. The only legal way to watch the show is through this platform. We would advise all our readers to pay for the entertainment that they wish to enjoy.

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