Everything We Know About Tiger King Season 3: Is It Happening?

Tiger King Season 3
Everything we Know About Tiger King Season 3

When it comes to Netflix’s docuseries, few are like this one. Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem, and Madness is one hell of a ride. With Season 2 recently fresh out of the oven. Will a Tiger King Season 3 be possible? Well, let’s take a look. Firstly, if you’re not familiar with Tiger King, it is a documentary series about Joe Exotic, a man who worked in the “big cat” industry and had a lot of enemies. Because of his shady dealings and criminal behavior, he managed to get himself imprisoned for trying to plan a murder.

After a great first season and lots of fan following, then came season two, a much-awaited sequel that shed light on Joe Exotic’s whereabouts. Season two explored further Joe’s life in prison, they managed to get a Netflix crew to interview him behind bars. In regards to Carole Baskin, she wasn’t happy with neither series one or two, going as far as to file legal action against Netflix trying to prevent season 2 from dropping on the platform, luckily, she failed, and we got to see the docuseries! Now, without any further ado, let’s dig into the Tiger King’s third season here at Otakukart.

Tiger King Season 3
Joe Exotic in Netflix’s Tiger King

Tiger King Season 3 Renewal Status & Release Date: Is It Happening?

Firstly, Tiger King Season 3 is definitely happening. It will center around Doc Antle. Let’s unpack that a bit. It will be officially titled “Tiger King: The Doc Antle Story”. Secondly, Tiger King: The Doc Antle Story was Released on December 10, 2021, on Netflix. It consists of three episodes, titled “What’s Up, Doc?”, “The Great Escape”, and “Don’t Trust Bhagavan”. They were directed by Rebecca Chaiklin and Eric Goode.

This three-chapter season centers around Bhagavan Antle, aka Doc Antle, a private zoo operator and animal trainer who was featured in the initial Tiger King docuseries. After being showcased there, his name gained a fair amount of traction. His work is notable in the show business and entertainment scenario. But he was indicted on several charges of animal exploitation and cruelty back in October 2020. It seems these guys have a knack for criminal behavior.

Tiger King Season 3: The Doc Antle Story Trailer

Where to Watch Tiger King Season 3?

If you want to watch Tiger King Season 3: The Doc Antle Story, or if you haven’t watched any of the previous seasons and want to catch up during the Christmas holidays, Netflix is your only option. Because this docuseries is a Netflix original. It’s part of its vast and exclusive catalog. In 2021, Netflix committed to releasing a new title every week. Consequently, this is one of their promises.

Moreover, Netflix is a globally available and affordable platform. Starting from US$ 8,99 a month, you can access all of its content, ad-free. Moreover, Netflix is the leading streaming platform in the world. With an ever-expanding catalog of movies, documentaries, series, and shows for all ages, tastes, genres. You can get Netflix on virtually any device, from a laptop to a cell phone, a tablet, or a smart TV. Now, in the next section, let’s take a look at the season 2 recap.

Tiger King Season 2 Recap

While Tiger King made a shocking debut in the Netflix world when everybody was locked up due to COVID—19 provisions worldwide, with nothing to do except for working from home, and binge-watching series. The second season came about as a sort of relief. After all, the first season showed us pain, pleasure, hate, and love of all things excessive related to the jungle cat world. Including a possible murder that saw a dude eaten by a tiger.

With five episodes, Tiger King 2 picks up where the first one left off. With Joe Exotic serving 22 years in jail for conspiring to plot a murder. The Netflix crew interviewed the cat lover turned jailbird. We still don’t know what happened to Carole’s ex-hubby Don Lewis. And there’s always some hilarious moments, like Howard Baskin’s impressions during the ending credits of chapter 3, the campaign of Eric Love for getting a presidential pardon for Joe Exotic.

Don Lewis didn’t die in 1997

Thanks to the way in which the facts were presented in the debut season, many were led to believe that Carole Baskin killed Don Lewis. But in this second season, we find out from Lewis’ former lawyer Joseph Fritz that a government source told him that Don Lewis is alive. This attorney got hold of a document from the Department of Homeland Security that claims that Lewis holds lands titles in Central America and has had business deals since he went missing. Is he on the Witness Protection Program or what?

Apparently, Don Lewis’ businesses in Central America are also of criminal nature. It seems he’s caught up in some money-laundering scheme racket. That’s what Rey Rodríguez claims. He’s a former business associate of Lewis.

Joe Exotic’s Childhood Details Emerge

In this season, the filmmakers Goode and Chaiklin explore the biographical details regarding Joe’s life. It turns out that he and his brother Yarri were constantly the objects of verbal, psychological, and physical abuse by their dad. Joe’s brother recounts how his dad would torture animals in front of the kids. And as it turns out, developmental damage equals biographical defects of character. These men were traumatized as children, and in the case of Joe, he became the man he presently is.

Tiger King Season 3
Carole Baskin in Netflix’s Tiger King

Tiger King Season 3: The Doc Antle Story Recap

This is the latest installment of the Tiger King docuseries directed by Rebecca Chaiklin and Eric Goode. Firstly, the series goes on to tell the story about big cats and their oftentimes criminal owners who love them. This time, the spotlight goes to Bhagavan “Doc” Antle. You may remember this man from the debut season of Tiger King. In the debut season, he was the owner of the private zoos. In this installment, we see more of him. And what we see might not be pretty: There are jungle cats, money, intrigue, conspiracy, and also sexual abuse.

The problem with this third installment is that it’s quite short —only three episodes—, which will surely leave viewers wanting more, and comparing it to the original one, or the sequel. This short season comprises extra footage from Tiger King 2 that didn’t make it to the original cut. As it turns out, Doc Antle was so much a nefarious character on his own, that the crew decided to get together all of the interviews from his past and turn them into a three-hour story worth our time.

Serial Abuser

Goode and Chaiklin managed to have a sitdown and record in-depth interviews with several of Doc Antle’s past girlfriends and partners. And what they found out is shocking. While Doc might seem like an eccentric private zoo administrator and animal trainer with Hollywood connections. He had a darker side, he abused animals, beat them, neglected them, and did horrible things to them. And to human beings around him, it was no different. His ex-wives and girlfriends —yes, plural— claim that he’d sexually abuse them and beat them up as well.

Carefully edited with great detail, amazing photography, a cool soundtrack, and with the aesthetics that characterized the first two seasons, Tiger King Doc Antle puts into perspective the darker side of this man. A violent dude who thought he could have never been stopped. One of the things that made the original Tiger King a great success was the pandemic factor. To begin, everybody was locked up in their homes without not much to do. But nearly a year and a half later, seasons two and three came about. And this third season only dropped a mere three weeks after the second one.

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Shock Factor

Success analysis aside. The world in which Doc Antle, Carole Baskin, and Joe Exotic lived is crazy. Lots of money, big jungle cats, conspiracies, a certain magnetism towards criminal enterprise and behavior, and a definite utter lack of sense of fashion —because mullets are out of style since the 1980s, let alone mullets with silk shirts and animal print jackets and pants. But what is it that these colorful, zookeepers have?

Is it their murder conspiracy charges? Is it their stories that looked as though they came out of some cheese Hollywood screenplay? With this, we wrap up the scoop we prepared for you here at Otakukart. Thanks for reading our piece and please keep coming back for more daily updates on all your favorite Netflix shows, series, and movies.