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Dragon Ball Super Latest News Hints Tournament Of Power Is Ending?

When the Tournament of Power first started and we saw how slowly time was winding down, I’m sure a lot of us wondered “How long will this last for?” and in the recent leaks and spoilers we may of found an answer!

It seems like episodes 111-114 are going to be epic, and showcase a number of different battles and story lines. From Cabba’s own episode, another Caulifla and Kale episode, and an epic clash between Hit vs Jiren! So let’s talk about Episodes 111-114!

Episode 111: Hit vs Jiren!
This episode is going to be amazing! As we saw in Episode 110 as Goku was depleted of energy and stamina from the “Ultra Instinct” technique, we saw the Legendary Assassin Hit from Universe 6 move in on Jiren! Hit might of thought that when Jiren used his blast on Goku that it would leave Jiren wide open, but as we saw, it had no effect! The leaks and spoilers refer to Hit trying his Time Skip technique but once again it has no effect on Jiren! At the start of the battle Hit starts to take Jirens attacks on purpose in order to feel out Jiren’s battle style and to think of a strategy,, As Hit makes a counter move, it seems nothing Hit can do will work on Jiren!

Episode 112: A Saiyans Pledge! Vegeta’s Resolve!
This is going to be a great episode for fans of Vegeta and Cabba! Summary reads: As the Tournament is nearing the end, though Cabba is fighting for the sake of Universe 6, he finds himself in a tough battle with the Super High Speed Monna of Universe 4! Just as Cabba believes he is done for, Vegeta shockingly saves him! Even tho Vegeta rouses Cabba by saying “Fight to be MVP”, it seems Frieza is not amused! It seems this episode will focus on the bond between Vegeta and Cabba, and also Frieza returning to his usual vindictive self!

Episode 113: Thrilled! Fighting Maniac Saiyans Battle Once More!!
This is what huge fans of Caulifla and Kale have been waiting for!! This episode features and showcases once again Kale and Caulifla. The summary reads: As Warriors from other Universe start to surround the weakened and depleted Goku for a chance to eliminate him, Caulifla stops them and orders Goku to fight them once more! As Goku agree’s he explains to Caulifla that he is unable to use Super Saiyan and plans to improve and regain Stamina during the fight! Kale ends up joining the fight, and uses her Berserker Form but something goes wrong.. This Episode will be amazing!! This will showcase a lot of combat and action and it seems we may finally see the TRUE power of Kale!

Episode 114: Ghastly! Explosive Birth of a New Super Warrior!!
This will be the conclusion of the battle between Goku vs Kale and Caulifla! This episode will be explosive and tense as Kale unleashes her TRUE power! Summary reads: As Kale joins the battle between Goku and Caulifla, Kale is overwhelmed by Goku’s attacks, Kale goes to unleash her newly mastered Berserker Form but something goes wrong! It seems when Kale joins the battle and is overwhelmed from Goku’a attacks, Kale battles her feelings of possibly letting Caulifla down, and as we have seen when it comes to Caulifla, Kale really let’s it go!! Seems as if we haven’t really seen what Kale is really capable of, and in this episode we will really see the true meaning of Berserk!

So these are the leaks for Episodes 111-114! What are your thoughts? Which episodes are you excited for and why? Let’s keep the conversation going by leaving your opinions and thoughts in the comments down below! As always, thanks for joining the conversation!


Is Ultra Instinct Goku Stronger Than Vegito Blue? – Explained

Power-scaling is one of the most wonderful and most annoying features of the Dragon Ball Series, In all honesty, you can’t really ignore the difference between Vegeta and Cui’s fight back in the day because of a little power gap between the two. But when it comes to Jiren, what the heck are power levels? Either way, the absence and the presence of power scaling will still annoy you because it makes comparing characters harder because of uncertainty.

And when it comes to uncertainty, the character which poses the most uncertainty (aside from the Grand Priest, Zeno, and the Angels) is Vegito. His battles were all badass, but all lasted only for a little amount of time. And most of the time, he was making fun of his enemies. In addition, Vegito Blue is said to already surpassed Beerus.

Jiren is also a special case, having surpassed the Gods of Destruction with his colossal ki. But what’s really interesting is Goku’s Ultra Instinct state ( I still like to call it his Limit Breaker form). Not only is it a badass looking form, but it is also powerful. Jiren, who surpassed the God of Destruction Belmod (and probably other Gods of Destruction from other universes) needed to get serious to fight Goku in Ultra Instinct head to head.

If Vegito surpassed Beerus, who was surpassed by Jiren, who danced against Ultra Instinct Goku, it is safe to say that Ultra Instinct Goku is way stronger than Vegito Blue. I don’t intend to make Vegeta fans angry, but this makes Vegeta’s role

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Is Ultra Instinct Goku Stronger Than Vegito Blue? – Explained

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