Epic Battle About To Begin in Attack on Titan Season 3 Part 2 Episode 2

Attack on Titan anime is back with its part 2 of season 3. This anime has made a habit of surprising people with one twist in the tail after another. It teases the story in one way then flips it to take the fans off guard which the fans love to see. The plot of season 3 part 2 episode 2 is out now on the official website of Attack on Titan. This episode is titled “Thunder Spears”.

It isn’t surprising that the next episode is about to feature yet another extract battle between Survey Corps and the mighty Titans. In the first episode, the Beast Titan and Armoured Titan were let loose and they are about to cause havoc. In the second episode of the new season, we’ll get to see Beast Titan appear with many other titans but Survey Corps are the only force there which will be becoming their hindrance.

Survey Corps will be shown battling to defeat the Armoured Titan. This battle can swing in anyone’s favour. So, will the Titans prevail or humans? The episode promises to be awesome and full of some lit action. This battle is for the portion of the land of Paradis.

As we know in season 3 the main goal of Eren and others is to fully take control of the Trost District and close the hole through which the Titans have been entering the human world in Wall Maria. This hole can be closed by Eren’s hardening ability. So, in the upcoming episodes, we’ll see Eren do everything he can in order to fully master his hardening ability and close the hole.

This will trap the remaining titans which will make it easier for humans to defeat them as they will not be getting any reinforcements from the hole in the wall.

Armoured Titan

Also, Eren’s father has left some clues about the history of humans and titans in the basement of their house which is also in Trost District. So, taking control of this district is very important for Eren and his forces.

All this is easier said than done because the mighty titans won’t just sit by and allow Eren and co. to do whatever the hell they want and whenever they want it. Attack on Titan season 3 part 2 promises a lot and I’m sure the makers of anime will deliver more than our expectations.

I’m confident that they will do so because I have faith in them became of their awesome track record till now. Do let us know what your thoughts on Attack on Titan anime are in the comments section below.

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