ENHYPEN is Back with a Bang with Japanese Single DIMENSION: SENKOU

ENHYPEN comeback
ENHYPEN Gleam concept photo for SENKOU cr: @ENHYPEN_JP/Twitter

The most talented septet of the 4th generation K-Pop boy groups is back. ENHYPEN has made their much-awaited comeback with their second Japanese single “DIMENSION:SENKOU”. The single comes out as a part of their Dimension series that began in 2021 November. DIMENSION: DILEMMA came out in 2021 November and the Answer album in 2022 January. The group’s first Japanese single was BORDER: Hakanai which came out in July 2021. Enhypen’s comeback has been made with the music video for Tamed-Dashed.

From Hakanai, the new single track “Forget me Not” was a part of anime Re:Main’s OST. Similarly, the track “Always” is a part of the Japanese drama “Muchaburi! I am the President”. The song was released on 22nd February 2022 and has been loved by fans. With DIMENSION: SENKOU, 2 tracks from previous albums will get a Japanese version. Read ahead to find out more about the concept and tracks featured on the album.


Like other groups of their label Hybe, ENHYPEN has a recurring storyline too which appears in their albums. It’s the fictional story of vampires and a girl they can’t seem to shake off and avoid. The debut album BORDER: Day One gave us a glimpse into their universe. Then with succeeding albums, the concept of boys as vampires only got stronger. The last album DIMENSION: DILEMMA sort of gave a hint of their special powers, which allows them to live in daylight as vampires. DIMENSION: SENKOU is carrying that story ahead. With a much darker theme than their previous albums, the boys are hinting that things will only get murkier ahead.

The album consists of Tamed-Dashed and Drunk-Dazed’s Japanese versions.  Drunk-Dazed was the title track of their second EP BORDER: CARNIVAL. Meanwhile, Tamed-Dashed is the title track of DIMENSION: DILEMMA. Along with these tracks we have the new track Always which is a rather cheerful song.

Furthermore, Enhypen just dropped the music video for the Tamed-Dashed’s Japanese version. You can check the video out which features the 7 boys diving into the darkness that surrounds them both on the outside and within. The aesthetically pleasing video shows a much more mature side of the otherwise young boys, and it was exciting to see this side.

This Enhypen comeback was announced way back in February 2022 and pre-orders for the album had begun since. Fans would get the physical copies of their albums very soon. Till then, they can stream their favorite artists on Spotify and Apple Music, and other platforms.

Don’t forget to check out their new music video for the Tamed-Dashed Japanese version.

Who are ENHYPEN and its members?

For those who are new to the fandom, I am here to give a quick run-through. Befit lab, which is a venture between Hybe and CJ E&M launched a survival show called I-LAND. 22 contestants participated and hustled through a backbreaking competition to debut as new members of Belift’s new boy group.

After a tough competition, 7 members debuted as ENHYPEN. The name contains Hyphen, which connects sentences, with their aim to connect, discover and grow together. Their fans are called ENGENES, which means they and ENHYPEN share the same genes aka the same DNA. That’s a lot of scientific thinking if you ask me. ENHYPEN is an educational group too in that sense.

The 7 members of the group are, Jungwon, who is the leader, Heeseung, Jay, Jake, Sunghoon, Sunoo, and Ni-Ki. The 7 boys each have their own charms, and their visuals are breathtaking too. They are also known as the “no visual hole group” since all the members are Visuals in their own way. The hardworking bunch of boys has already gained a lot of popularity within less than 2 years of their debut. The group is taking over music shows and has a huge amount of pre-orders for their albums, just like their veteran groups.

Enhypen comeback
ENHYPEN Spark concept photo cr: @ENHYPEN_JP/Twitter

If ENHYPEN has impressed you already, and their storylines fascinated you, read their webtoon DARK MOON: THE BLOOD ALTAR for in-depth analysis of their music videos. You can read it on WEBTOON.

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