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Endeavour Season 8 Episode 2: Release Date & Spoilers

Endeavour Season 8 Episode 2

The fans are eagerly waiting for the release of Endeavour Season 8 Episode 2. The amazing British television series that is based on the genre of detective drama has gained a lot of popularity since it first premiered in the year 2012. However, the start of the show was rather unusual. We say so because the pilot of the show came out on 2nd January 2012, whereas the first season hit the televisions over a year later. Although, even after an unusual way of launching the show, the showrunners and producers have been quite pleased with the responses.

The pilot episode alone managed to achieve a rating of 8.4 out of 10 on IMDB. Then the first season too came out with a bang on 14th April 2013 and received a lot of positive responses. Its success followed the release of the second season on 30th March 2014. Soon they started coming out with seasons every following year as the show garnered more fame and viewership. The year 2015 was the only one in between when the show took a break.

There is more to “Endeavour” than most people may know. It may be the hit British detective drama series, but it has a lot to do with another popular British series. “Endeavour” has taken its inspiration from “Inspector Morse” and is also a prequel to it. “Inspector Morse” was a long-time running hit British detective series. It followed the story of Detective Endeavour Morse on his fascinating cases. Similarly, “Endeavour” follows the story of detective Morse as well, but in his young and early days. The eighth season of the series has premiered, and the viewers are waiting to watch Endeavour Season 8 Episode 2. However, before we discuss more of that, let us take a recap of all that has happened in Season 8 Episode 1.

Endeavour Season 8 Episode 2

Endeavour Season 8 Episode 1 Recap

Episode 1 of Endeavour Season 8 was released on 12th September 2021. The episode is titled “Striker” and started airing at 8 pm on the British television network ITV. Just like the other seasons. This season is also set in another year. The story is based in 1971 and picks up after the events of season 7. The show begins with a match between two football teams, and we also see Morse having a couple of drinks alone.

The next day two major cases arise in front of Morse and Fred Thursday. The two meet up at a University where a bomb exploded in the office of a reputed professor of the college named Lucius Stamfield. The secretary of the professor named Maggie Widdowson, is killed in the explosion as she opens the package that was addressed in the professor’s name. Then soon, we see Morse and Thursday receive another big case.

Endeavour Season 8 Episode 2

Morse and Thursday at the bomb explosion site

The famous star player named Jack Swift, who is the striker for the Oxford Wanderers football team, has received a death threat. However, what makes this more interesting is that Morse is appointed to the case. He expresses his disinterest in the case as he is not a fan of football and barely knows anything about the game. Moreover, he has to be a bodyguard for Jack and find out who is behind the death threat.

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Who Was Behind The Bomb Explosion At The University? Did Morse Save The Star Footballer?

Morse has to hold his frustration inside him as he goes along Jack Swift to every other event. Jack gets invited to a fashion event where Morse gets to meet a fashion designer named Robert Fenner. Although it turns out, Robert is also a chairman of Jack’s football team. Later on in the episode, Jack promotes a bike alongside another star footballer from the opposite team named John Paul Martinelli. However, things take a drastic turn at the Fenner fashion event when Morse confuses another statement thinking of it as an attack attempt on Swift. However, it turns out to be a false alarm.

But soon, things become nasty when a body is found floating in the pool the next day after the big football match. Morse rushes to the pool and sees Jack’s jersey on the body. However, it turns out that it is Paul Martinelli who is murdered. They investigate the murder and find out that the killer hit Paul with a champagne bottle thinking it was Jack in the jersey. Whereas, at the University, Morse and Thursday discover a tape. It had a conversation between Fenner and Professor Stamfield about the Oxford Wanderers football field. Maggie listened to the tape and asked for money. Even though Stamfield agreed to pay Maggie, Fenner planted the bomb dressed as Stamfield to kill her.

Endeavour Season 8 Episode 2

A still from Season 8 Episode 1

In addition to that, they also find the materials used to make the bomb at Fenner’s workshop. This evidence further proves that he was the one who put the bomb at the University. Whereas, in the case of Jack, Morse discovers that it was George who killed Paul. George is the husband of Sarah Sellers, who was the school-time lover of Jack. Moreover, Sarah reveals that George is abusive and jealous as well. Moreover, George is also a part of the militia. Morse and Thursday run to save Jack’s life at his house. They manage to save Jack and get more information from George. He reveals that it was the IRA who ordered him to kill Jack.

Endeavour Season 8 Episode 2: When Will It Release?

Endeavour Season 8 Episode 2 will be released on 19th September 2021. The episode is titled “Scherzo” and will go live at 8 pm British time on the ITV television network. The show will continue with new mysterious cases challenging Morse. Meanwhile, we will also see the show feature the stories of other important characters like Jim Strange, Joan, and Fredd. The series is available to watch on ITV Hub as well. In addition to that, the series is also available to stream on Amazon Prime Video with the previous seven seasons. Endeavour Season 8 Episode 2 is going to be worth the watch, considering the level of this show. So stay tuned for the release on the upcoming Sunday.

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