The End Result of Ultra Instinct Is? Dragon Ball Super Episode 117 Spoilers Revealed!


Hey there Dragon Ball fans we have some brand-new information coming in pretains to the upcoming Dragon Ball Super episode and I also do believe will get you guys very excited as well.

Dragon Ball Super episode 117 is entitled: “Showdown of Love! The Android VS Universe 2!!”

The description goes as follows: “The Android combo rescues Goku from danger!

Ribrianne targets Goku right as he’s worn out from fighting! But then 17 and 18 appear! 18 takes Goku’s place in battling Ribrianne, while 17 takes on Rozie in one-to-one combat. Can the two of them prevail against Universe 2’s strongest?!

Vegeta This Week: In order to use “Ultra Instinct”, Vegeta mimics Goku and tries to act unconsiously! However, ultimately he fails and is attacked by Universe 3’s fighter Katopesla!”

It looks like Vegeta is trying to mimic Goku, unfortunately he fails, but this ultimately begs the question: as to whatever happened between Toppo and Vegeta? Is this pretty much it in fact that their fight is finished? Or is Vegeta simply trying to mimic Goku and coming to his aid in protecting him?

However, also trying to learn for himself as to what Ultra Instinct actually is. I do believe at some given point he will learn this, but here it looks like he attempts to learn, he attempts to try to mimic the actual power, but he fails miserably.

So we have two confirmed fights of Android 17 having a fight against Rozie, which again should be a cakewalk for him. However, Android 18 vs Ribrianne, one of two things can happen either 18’s gonna get rung out by Ribrianne at some given point in the tournament or if it’s Android 18 who ultimately gets the victory on Ribrianne.

Either way I’m not too keen on seeing Ribrianne or Rozie fight, but it looks like Goku is in danger as the Androids come to rescue him. Which again you have to ask yourself as to what condition Goku is in right now after fighting Kefla.

There is no definitive confirmation based on spoilers that Kefla has been eliminated. Now of course one of two things may happen either she in fact is eliminated or she somehow is still in the ring, consious enough to still be mobile, but very damaged after fighting Goku in this week’s episode. Well guys let me know what you guys think of these spoilers and again I shall see you next time!


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