Emperor Palpatine’s Return in Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker Officially Confirmed

It has been officially confirmed that Emperor Palpatine is back in Star Wars movie and has a big part to play in the story, which means that he isn’t just there for a cameo. When the trailer of Star Wars The Rise of Skywalker dropped a couple of days ago, Emperor Palpatine’s iconic laugh was showcased with which the trailer closes.

This laugh did manage to send the fans into a frenzy. They had no idea of what is about to happen. In this day and age when spoilers are out way before the movie or a show, it is quite incredible how the franchise kept Emperor Palpatine’s return a huge secret until the trailer dropped. After the launch of the trailer in the actor’s iconic voice, he said, roll it again. Emperor Palpatine has been the main antagonist of the Star Wars movie franchise from the start.

It is clear that the movie could be the best ever among all nine episodes of the Star Wars franchise so far. I’m saying this due to some quite astonishing reasons.

Emperor Palpatine Returns

Star Wars The Rise of Skywalker will be the final movie that will wrap up the Skywalker storyline of the franchise which has now been running for about a good part of forty years. Also, this movie will also wind up the trilogy of Star Wars Episode 7 and 8, meaning this will be the final piece of the story of this trilogy of Star Wars episodes.

This new movie is going to be set about one year after the events of the Star Wars Episode 8 movie. The fans are all hyped for the release of this movie because no matter how clever they are, they are just not able to formulate how in seven hells the new movie is going to wind up the events of the trilogy and also the great Skywalker Saga.

I certainly hope that the production has not messed the movie up. The worst case scenario of the movie could be in the hope of delivering more than expected; it delivers absolutely nothingness. I don’t want to demoralize anyone, but it remains one of the possibility because there is so much happening in Star Wars universe, it seems almost impossible to fit in all that in just one single movie. But the Star Wars franchise has never disappointed its fans and we all hope similar will be the case when the new movie drops in December 2019.

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