Emily Bett Rickards’ Arrow Journey Comes To End

Emily Bett Rickards popularly known as Felicity Smoak on Arrow television series announced in March that the seventh season of Arrow would be her last with the franchise and thus will not be a part of the final season of the show, that is going to be the season 8. So, her time to part ways with the franchise came on 9th April after her final day on Arrow set.

She decided to make this landmark and emotional day a memorable one. She recorded some important bits and shared it through Instagram stories. She also uploaded some of the throwback pictures of her during the making of Arrow series. It is safe to say that this day was pretty sad for not only her but also her fans as well who adore her. She has indeed done some fantastic work as Felicity Smoak on this show.

Her role is that of a top-notch hacker who assists team Arrow from behind the scenes. She hacks the cameras and becomes an additional eye to her comrades. She assists them by telling them beforehand where the targets are what are they equipped with and what their numbers are. This information comes in handy as her comrades are prepared beforehand for what to expect from their enemies and give them a very good edge over them. So, it is pretty safe to say that she is a damn important member of the crew.

The Arrow series has been massively popular because of its very interesting storyline in every one of the seasons. Arrow series right now Arrow series is going on in its season 7, and the next season which will be coming out later this year, that is season 8 is going be the last one of this good television series.

Emily Bett Rickards Arrow

Rene Ramirez her co-star who plays Wild Dog character on the show Arrow took some of his precious time to dedicate a memorable Twitter post for her co-star Emily Bett Rickards.

Emily Bett Rickards hasn’t just worked in Arrow but also in various other shows and movies as well. She has been seen in movies like Brooklyn, Axis, Funny Story, and many others. Talking about the television exploits she has been around the DC universe mostly.

She has been seen in The Flash, Supergirl, Legends of Tomorrow and of course Arrow who she has been an integral part of since season 1. It will be weird to have season 8 without the ever-present Felicity Smoak. We all would like to wish her best of luck for her future.

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