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Emilia Clark Enters MCU For a Mystery Role in the Web Series Secret Invasion

Emilia Clarke Is A Part Of MCU now
Emilia Clarke Live At Late Night With Seth Meyers (Credits: NBC)

Emilia Clarke has established herself as quite a star in the past decade. Now further heights are about to be touched. HBO’s Game Of Thrones famed Clarke has officially joined hands with the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The studio, always looking for talent, has recruited her for its ever-expanding roster. Since the official end of the Infinity Saga, Marvel is looking forward to continuing its storytelling in different forms. Thus, persisting to the web series format with Disney’s brand new OTT Disney+. The established studio has already started making an impact with its first two shows WandaVision and The Falcon and The Winter Soldier.

Coming in a circle, now the very talented Daenerys Targaryen actress will be setting foot inside the huge umbrella of characters Marvel has created. So, where does she fit, and what project is she coming along with? All summed up in this post, let’s take a look at it.

The MCU Project Emilia Clarke Is Joining In

Emilia Clarke is joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe as part of the Disney+ web series Secret Invasion. A show based around the green shapeshifters we met in the 2019 movie Captain Marvel and later as a special appearance in the post-credit scene of Spider-man: Far From Home. The role she will be playing is still a secret for now. Marvel has not commented much on her joining yet as both the parties are reportedly in final negotiations. We haven’t heard from the representatives of Emilia Clarke either, but we are keeping our fingers crossed.

Olivia Coleman, known for her work in series such as The Crown and Broadchurch, is another star in talks with the project. Once the talks are finalized, Clarke and Coleman might join the likes of Marvel Veteran Samuel L. Jackson in the series. Jackson is taking the lead as Secret Agent Nick Fury, the one who formed Avengers first place. Ben Mendelsohn will join in as fellow Skrull Talos with newcomer Kingsley Ben-Adir in an undisclosed role.

Emilia Clarke Joins Secret Invasion

Still From Spider-man: Far From Home (Credits: Marvel Studios and Sony)

Last we saw Nick Fury; he was chilling in space on a spaceship full of Skrulls in the post-credit scene of Spider-man: Far From Home. Thus, contacting the Skrulls impersonating him and his partner Maria Hill on the planet. Eventually hinting at the arrival of Secret Invasion in the near future.

Furthermore, coming to Emilia Clarke. She will be the another HBO Game Of Thrones star to join the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Initially, we had Peter Dinklage portraying the role of Eitri The Dwarf in Avenger: Infinity War. He helped Thor to give birth to the hero’s new weapon, Stormbreaker, to go in a war against Thanos.

We also have Richard Madden and Kit Harrington joining Marvel Cinematic Universe with the upcoming Eternals. Richard Madden portrays the role of Ikaris. A cosmic being accompanied with superstrength and can shoot beams from his eyes. He serves as the leader of the Eternals. On the other hand, Harrington will be portraying the role of Dane Whitman, a.k.a. Black Knight. A human warrior with a mystical sword in his hands.

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Concluding For Emilia Clarke’s Involvement

For now, Emilia Clarke’s involvement and her role are a secret. Marvel is known for this kind of stuff. We got to know her involvement; that’s big news itself. It’s just a matter of a moment when it is revealed and what it means for the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Owing to the big star Clarke is with four Emmy Nominations, we are expecting the role to be something of a big authority. Furthermore, it marks Clarke’s return to television after two years since last seen in HBO’s Game Of Thrones.

MCU For Emilia Clarke

Emilia Clarke at the Vanity Fair Oscar Party in Beverly Hills, California

Marvel’s Secret Invasion, as speculated by fans, seems to be like a big deal for the Television part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Especially the comics portrayed it as a major arc carrying forward. The superheroes involved in the show are not revealed yet. We only have Nick Fury joining in for now.

As per the comic storyline, Secret Invasion marks the Skrulls invading the earth. This calls for the heroes to protect. Looking at the MCU’s TV Universe, we are kind of expecting the new TV heroes such as She-Hulk, Kate Bishop, Moon Knight to join the roster signifying the presence of the arc, especially since they have their own shows coming in and cooking something up on the other side of MCU apart from the movies.

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