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Eliza From TikTok: Everything You Need To Know

everything we know about eliza from tiktok

Eliza was TikTok influencer’s Kate Hudson two-year-old daughter. In this article, we explain everything we know about Eliza from TikTok. And it’s a sad moment for influencer Kate Hudson. As she and everybody else mourns the death of her two-year-old baby daughter Eliza at the hands of a cruel battle with cancer. Eliza rose to fame in TikTok when her dad, Chance Moore, filmed her life on an account handle he made for her. Sadly, Eliza passed away after battling cancer since she was just ten months old.

This Monday, influencer Kate Hudson made public the devastating piece of news concerning her daughter’s death on Sunday, right after Father’s Day. What a blow to the family! Kate Hudson and her fiancé Chance Moore fathered Eliza and supported her during her life. Hudson is a social media star with more than half a million followers from Ohio. She and Chance had to battle the tortuous way of a child with a terminal disease.

everything we know about eliza from tiktok - otakukart

Everything We Know About Eliza From TikTok – Otakukart

Who Was Eliza Adalynn Moore?

Eliza Adalynn Moore was the child of Kate Hudson and Chance Moore, she was born on August 10, 2018. Since she was very little, she was diagnosed with a rare and malignant form of cancer. Children’s cancer treatments are very expensive. So Chance and Kate couldn’t afford the entire treatment. And that’s when Chance Moore opened up a GoFundMe account to pay for the treatment of her child’s rhabdoid tumor, raking in nearly US$ 78.000.

These kinds of cancers are of the striated muscle and affect small children with a terrible mortality rate. Kate Hudson took it upon herself to advocate for this disease while supporting her child during her burdensome illness. Chance Moore began to record videos to raise awareness for her daughter’s condition as well as to document the experience in the popular video-sharing social network TikTok, managing to grab nearly six million followers.

Eliza’s Last TikTok Video

Eliza Moore’s last TikTok video was recorded by her father on June 11, 2021. The video depicts the child on a swing in her home with her father, happily enjoying a bright sunny day as her dad pushes her swing and watches her smile. The video has a description showing Chance Moore’s feelings on reminiscing the good times he and his fiancée shared with Eliza. Kate posted an Instagram picture in black and white of their young daughter right after her passing.

Despite the help received by GoFundMe donors and the support by her father and mother, Eliza’s cancerous disease spread to her lungs. She had to face massive chest surgery to have those tumors removed. When the doctor was performing surgery, he found that her lung was chock-full of tumors that were collapsing her tiny lung. Eliza had to go through several rounds of treatment, surgeries while having the time to smile and cheer joyfully for the supportive family she had.


I didn’t even realize how watching her swing brought us so much joy. This was the last time she wanted to swing.

♬ original sound – Chance

How Does A Tumor Kill You?

Rhabdoid tumors are a type of cancer in which cells grow abnormally large. What happens when cells grow too big is that the blood vessels feeding those cells do not grow at the same rate and proportion. So the mass of cells keeps growing until they can’t be fed by the human body’s blood vessels and begin to die. Thus spreading through the bloodstream cancer cells implant themselves in other parts of the body causing metastasis.

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What Kind of Cancer Affected Eliza Moore?

In children, rhabdoid cancers have a very rare incidence. They are a rare and aggressive type of cancer diagnosed in early childhood. And the medical world knows very little about what causes them. The prognoses for these kinds of diseases are very limited. This means that doctors can’t do much about them given cancer’s aggressive nature and pattern of behavior. Also, there are not many cases reported worldwide. In these cases, doctors tend to prognose a five-year survival rate, in which only 32% of children diagnosed survive.

Cancers are a sad reality we have to deal with. While most people don’t wish to talk about it or have it in their lives, these kinds of diseases affect millions of people worldwide. Aggressive terminal cancers, in particular, are difficult to deal with for the family. And in Eliza’s case, as we can see from Kate Hudson’s posts, the prognosis for their little child was a very reserved one. For Kate wrote about how they had to think and prepare for the worst: The funeral arrangements for a two-year-old child.

In conclusion, Eliza Adalynn Moore lived a very short life, and despite her terrible illness, she managed to fill with her life force space in the lives of her parents, Kate and Chance, who used social networks not for clout but for support, advocacy, and love. A contrast from the constant nihilism we often get to see and write about. It’s a sad time seeing her pass on Father’s Day. May she rest in peace, and may her parents find the peace of mind they need to go through these difficult times.

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