Elementary Season 7: Release Date or Cancelled?

In this post, we are going to talk about Elementary season 7: release date or canceled? The show centers Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s widely known character, Sherlock Holmes. The main character Sherlock Holmes, along with his partner Joan Watson help New York City Police to solve cases. But this often leads to conflicts between both as Sherlock does not like the police procedures. So, let’s talk more about Elementary season 7.

Elementary Season 7

Elementary Season 7: Release Date or Cancelled?

First of all, let me clarify that the show has been renewed for the seventh season. More interestingly, the work on the seventh season has already started. But still, we have no confirmation about the release date of Elementary season 7. However, we can anticipate that the seventh season might be dropped in April like the last season.

As we know, that the show usually releases new season in the period of September-November, and only last season being the exception. So, the makers might get the show to its regular slot. So, there are more uncertainties, which will only be cleared with an official announcement.

The main cast of the seventh season might include,
Jonny Lee Miller as Sherlock Holmes
Lucy Liu as Joan Watson
Aidan Quinn as Thomas Gregson
Jon Michael Hill as Marcus Bell

The show might include 21 episodes like the previous season, but the top number is 24. Also, the show is in its early production period, so there is no official plot information available. But we know one thing, that we might witness a time jump in the upcoming season. Even the showrunner of Elementary has told a private news agency that,

“When we’ll be back for the 7th season, a year will have passed, So all of our series characters will have had time to reflect on what happened at the end of the 6th season.”

This seems interesting, as time jumps usually have a more interesting storyline. This often happens to insert some new twists and turns to the depiction when writers are out of ideas for existing set-up. What will the next season be about? We have a long time to wait to know that!

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