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Spoilers & Recap: Eleceed Chapter 153

Eleceed Chapter 153 Release Date and Spoilers
Eleceed Chapter 153 Release Date and Spoilers

Eleceed, the popular manhwa, is returning with its Chapter 153. It was first created by Son Je-No. Illustrations from the very beginning have been done by ZHENA. The manhwa has been around since 2018. In that year, the first episode was released through Naver Webtoons on October 2. Eleceed is almost on the verge of completing three years, and Eleceed Chater 153 is just around the corner. We have discussed everything you need to know about Eleceed Chapter 153 below.

The main storyline of the manhwa follows the life of Seo Jinwoo. He is a kind-hearted man who harbors supernatural powers in him. One day, Seo Jinwoo’s monotonous life is brought to a complete standstill when he is the sole witness to a cat’s super fast reflexes. The cat’s aim is to work towards bringing world peace. But is he an ordinary cat? The answer to that question, very inevitably so, is in the negative.

Kayden is actually a secret agent who is on the run. Unfortunately, he finds himself stuck in the body of a cat. The long story behind this is something you will find out once you start reading Eleceed. Together, Kayden and Jinwoo decide to make the world a better place and fight all evil that may befall humanity. However, no good task is unconditional, is it? Kayden and Jinwoo cannon stand each other at the very least. They can only save the world once they learn to tolerate each other humanly.

But is this the only hardship that stands in their way? Well, no! That’s because, with Kayden’s abrupt entry into Jinwoo’s life, he has finally found a huge group of people with extraordinary powers. He had hidden his supernatural abilities for most of his life in fear of being blacklisted. However, now Jinwoo must not only learn to use his power optimally but also harness it properly and use it to protect himself.

Eleceed Chapter 153

Eleceed Manhwa

Eleceed Chapter 153: Release Date

Fans can expect Eleceed Chapter 153 to hit the stands on August 13, 2021. In South Korea, the manhwa will be released one day prior to its worldwide release. The next chapter is certainly very important and something to look forward to ardently. The main reason behind this is the fact that we will finally get a chance to see the Duke’s hidden Awakening ability.

You can read Eleceed Chapter 153 on the official website. However, the problem is that here the series is only available till Eleceed Chapter 120. For all the following chapters, you will have to subscribe to paid private platforms.

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Eleceed Chapter 153: What to Expect?

First things first, the match between Duke and Asher Brian resulted in a draw for the current round. This result came regardless of the many predictions that hinted towards Asher Brian’s possible win. Now, this unprecedented result certainly calls for the tables to turn in the next round. Now fans expect Duke to win the next round. In fact, several discourses regarding the same can be found on Reddit. It’s not possible that another round will end with a draw. An outcome in favor of either party – Duke or Asher Brian, can be expected. In the meanwhile, between Jisuk and Arthur, Jisuk won.

Eleceed Chapter 152 Recap

Subin in Eleceed

Coming to the fight between Subin and the Duke, given the Duke’s confidence, it is safe to assume that Subin is going up against a lost cause. There is no way she can win against the Duke. In fact, in order to defeat Subin, the Duke will certainly bring out his hidden powers. Now, one question that people are asking – how will the plot possibly move back to Jinwoo? Will he perhaps take Subin’s place and fight instead of letting her do so? It’s difficult to reach a conclusion regarding this yet.

Most importantly, the series has put a huge emphasis on Duke ever since the very beginning. We can now hope for him to unleash his ultimate power and show everyone what he is truly capable of, given his status as the world’s strongest. Once we see the Duke use his ultimate power against Subin, we can also expect a fight between him and Jinwoo. After all, Jinwoo is the most powerful in the manhwa given his protagonist status.

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