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Edens Zero Anime: What We Know So Far

Edens Zero Season 1
Edens Zero Season 1

Finally, Edens Zero Anime is coming to Netflix in 2021, Internationally. Edens Zero Season 1 will premiere on Netflix soon. There’s a lot more to that, Edens Zero could be the biggest anime releasing on Netflix in 2021.  Edens Zero is a Netflix original Japan anime series directed by J.C. Staff. This anime series is an adaptation of Hiro Mashima’s manga Edens Zero. Mashima is well known for creating Fairy Tail, it shows her original artwork, and there will be a lot more to see in this anime series. When Fairy Tail ended, everyone was wondering whether there will be an anime adaptation of this manga series or not, and after some time, a concrete release date was confirmed by the team of Edens Zero.

Edens Zero Release Date

As the trailer of the show has been already premiered, it is confirmed that Edens Zero Season 1 will be coming out in 2021 on Netflix. There’s no official announcement regarding the premiere date of the show. There are a lot of chances that anime will not be premiered for several months, this is because this anime series will be exclusively distributed by Netflix all over the world except Japan, so there will be a delay in releasing the show.

On the 11th Of April 2021, Edens Zero Season 1 will be broadcasted on Nippon TV in Japan. There are expectations to see the release of Eden’s Zero anime by the end of 2021 on Netflix.

Edens Zero Season 1 Trailer

Shinji Ishihara will be the director of the show who also directed Fairy Tail. J.C. Staff will be the producer of the anime series who was also the producer of the famous anime series Rent A Girlfriend. The most important part of writing would be done by well-known writer Mitsutaka Hirota. Everyone remembers the characters of Food Wars: The Third Plate because it was designed by Yurika Sako, and this series will also have her character designer. The main trio of the series has already been revealed by the trailer, and everything in the trailer till now looks very fantastic.

Edens Zero Season 1 Plot

The story revolves around a young boy, Shiki, who lived his whole life surrounded by animatronics and machines. This was on the Granbell Kingdom inside a deserted amusement park. Then the story continues when Rebecca and her companion cat named Happy, without knowing, entered the park to explore the abandoned amusement park. That’s when Shiki gets human contact with his first human. He hasn’t had any human contact for the past hundred years and maybe more. But the story changes when a robotic rebellion and war started in the Kingdom of Granbell. The home of Shiki was now hazardous. He wanted to go far away from all of this. As it was dangerous for him to stay there, he decided to join Rebecca and her cat, Happy, to travel to the cosmos in their spaceship.

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Edens Zero Season 1: Total Episodes

Currently, no information regarding the series has come to light as it has just been announced. When the story of the series was written, no information regarding the number of episodes was revealed. There are chances of it being anywhere between 24 episodes to 48 episodes.

Edens Zero Season 1 Cast

Only the cast members of the Japanese dub have been confirmed yet, and there’s no information regarding its English Dubs.

Takuma Terashima will play the lead role in the story that is of Shiki Granbell. Mikako Komatsu, who got famous from The Garden of Words, will play the role of Rebecca Bluegarden. High Rise invasion famous Cast member Shiki Aoki will play the role of Homura Kougetsa. Hiromichi Tezuka from One Punch Man, Overlord, Aldnoah. Zero will be seen as Weisz Steiner in Edens Zero Anime Series.

Rie Kugimiya will be seen as Happy, the cat who will return after getting a crazy fan following from the Fairy Tail: Priestess Of The Phoenix and Jujutsu Kaisen. You will find Happy this time in a totally different character. Shiori Izawa will be seen as E.M. Pino, also seen in The Asterisk War, Sword Art Online. Sayaka Ohara will play the role of Elsie Crimson. Houchuu Ootsuka, also seen in Demon Slayer, will play the role of Ziggy, and lastly, Kikuko Inoue will play the role of Mother.

And talking about English Dubs, There’s no confirmation on which voice actors would play the roles.

Fans are still wondering whether the anime adaptation of this manga series will turn out as good as the manga. We have to wait and see until it premiers internationally on Netflix.

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