Eden’s Zero Manga Reveals New Illustration

If you’re a fan of Hiro Mashima’s work, then you probably already know about Eden’s Zero. If, somehow, you haven’t heard about it, let me inform you. Eden’s Zero is a new manga that is going to be written and illustrated by Hiro Mashima. His Fairy Tail manga was a huge success, and ended a year ago, in 2017. Despite having ended his last manga just a year ago, Hiro Mashima is not taking any long breaks. He has begun working on new projects almost instantly. According to him, he is working on 3 huge projects right now, only one of which is Eden’s Zero. The manga will debut from next month, so if you’re waiting for it already, there’s not a lot of waiting that you have to do.

Eden's Zero

Eden’s Zero will begin serialization on June 27. The manga will be serialized in Kodansha’s Weekly Shonen Magazine, and will publish in Issue 30 first. The manga is set to be published in five different languages simultaneously, so you don’t have to wait too long for translations to arrive. We have already seen a glimpse of the new manga on the cover of Weekly Shonen Magazine, and it showcases a young boy who look like Natsu a lot. Recently, a new illustration for the new manga came out, and we can see a lot the characters that are going to be in the manga. Fans have generally like the Illustration, with almost everyone praising Hiro Mashima for the art. However, there were some who pointed out the similarities to Fairy Tail characters.

Eden's Zero manga

Hiro Mashima has already confirmed that even if there might be some resemblance to the Fairy Tail characters, the characters of Eden’s Zero are going to be completely different in personality. There’s no point in creating two manga with similar characters, and that is something that Mashima indeed realizes. Knowing his hardworking character, I’m pretty sure that this new manga will blow everyone away. There’s not a lot of waiting that we have to do now. So let’s just wait for the first chapter of Eden’s Zero to arrive.

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