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Watch Edens Zero Episode 9 Preview and Recap

Edens Zero

Today we’ll be talking about Edens Zero Episode 9. After proving that he is worthy of Demon King Ziggy’s ship, Shiki receives a ship from Elsie. The crew heads somewhere talking about the Interstellar Warship, Edens Zero. Rebecca comments that it is like the boat is a villain itself, but okay. Pino and Happy reveal that the Edens Zero went from a Pirate’s ship to a Demon King’s boat. Witch Regret looks at Shiki and comments that she has been waiting for this day, Great Demon King. Shiki looks at her and comments that the Demon King is his grandfather.

Witch Regret replies that Shiki is the new Demon King and comments that Edens Zero’s King has finally returned. She also said that Edens Zero has returned to its former form. But its true strength has not returned. Shiki wonders what Witcth Regret means by true power. Witch Regret reminds Shiki that he is leaving Sakura Cosmos to search for ”Mother.” Happy asks how Witch Regret knows about that, and she replies that she hears everything around this ship. Witch Regret reveals that she can control and manage Edens Zero.

Previously on Edens Zero Episode 8

Witch Regret told Shiki and the crew that they could think of her as the past of this ship. She reveals that she is one of the four members that make up the Demon King’s Shining Stars. Witch Regret tells Shiki that he must collect all of their powers, and if he fails, Sakura Cosmos would be no easy task to pass Dragonfall and the border separating the Sakura Cosmos from the outer space. She shows Shiki an image of what she is explaining to him. Weisz aks what she meant by Dragonfall.

Rebecca explains that Dragon fall is an area where many dragons gather. She also said that small ships get swallowed up in a blink of an eye. Shiki comments that they are a lot of dragons, and it will be cool to see them. Happy comments that to enter that area will be too dangerous. She reveals that one dragon can singlehandedly destroy many battleships with a single breath, and an army of dragons has allied together. Witch Regret stood up and told Shiki to collect the Shining Stars before moving on.

Witch Regret reveals that collecting Stars will help to break past Dragonfall. Rebecca and Shiki comment that it will be fun to collect the Stars. Later, Witch Regret helps Rebecca to relax by massaging her. Rebecca is not aware of what she is doing and asks her what that is. Witch Regret replies that it is called a message and it will help her use Eather Gear if Rebecca wants. She advises Rebecca to bathe like this every day, and she will master Ether Gear. Rebecca realizes this massage increases the effectiveness of the baths. So what’s in store for Edens Zero Episode 9?

Witch Regret

Witch Regret reveals how Oil Massage, Electrical Massage works. She also talked about Destructive Tortue and Pleasure Relaxation Massage. Witch Regret asks Rebecca she one they must train her. Rebecca replies that she instead take the last one, which is Pleasure Relaxation Massage. Happy raises her hand and comments that she will also go for a Pleasure Relaxation Massage.

Edens Zero

Edens Zero

Rebbeca changed her mind and said she would go for an Oil Massage. Witch Regret reveals that whoever created ”Happy” has technological powers even beyond the Demon King.  Rebeca reveals that she thinks the Demon King made Pino. Rebecca asks if Witch Regret knows where the other Shining Stars are.

She replies that she remained inside the ship after finishing their mission, and others set on a separate journey. Meanwhile, Pino confronts Shiki asking if she has a heart, and Shiki explains why androids have no soul. They headed out and saved a blue-haired girl who got kidnaped. Shiki finds that there is a powerful guy who is after Rebbeca and realizes that he has seen that guy somewhere.

Edens Zero Episode 9 Release Date

Edens Zero Episode 9 will be released on Sunday, 6 June, at 12:55 AM JST. You will be able to watch Edens Zero online on Netflix.

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