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Spoilers & Preview: Edens Zero Episode 5

Edens Zero
Edens Zero

Shiki has managed to returns to Shooting Starlight to finish his registration. But the guild members continue to take him for granted and teases him with Rebbeca and Happy. Shiki felt humiliated and embarrassed looking at how the guild members treat Rebeca and Happy. Rebbeca’s guildmate Lalbila Christy became a more popular rival B-Cuber, and she became a threat to Rebbeca’s life. She also doesn’t treat Rebbeca well. But the other day, Shiki got fed up with her behavior, and he stood up for Rebbeca.

Shiki humiliates Christy in front of the public for teasing Rebecca. They realize that the guild members are becoming a burden to their lives, and Shiki sets out on a journey to find Mother. He realizes that if he finds Mother, the guild members won’t belittle them nor tease them again. Shiki and the Duo head out, and he told Rebecca that they could use a B-Cube to record a video of Mother and save it to show it to the guild members who don’t trust them. Rebecca agrees and said they would prove the guild wrong.

Previously on Edens Zero Episode 4

The trio set on a journey and travel to the planet Norma to meet with Professor Weisz Steiner. They want to obtain a more spaceworthy ship from Weisz Steiner. The Professor is Rebecca and Happy’s benefactor. Wesz Steiner constructed the latter’s body that reveals that Elsie misses them. Elsie considers Norma as a dead planet. Later their airship crashed and landed on Norma. They arrived at Weisz Steiner’s house and started to look for him.

But the three are held at gunpoint by an unknown young man claiming to be Professor Weisz Steiner. They were surprised since they know that the professor is not that young. The young man told them that he is the man they are looking for. Two hundred years have passed. The astronauts begin with their investigation in the future, and they were surprised by what they have discovered. They were in an empty world where humanity was wiped out and find pair of human remains.

They also find Rebecca’s recording device, the B-Cube, and they notice that something is written on it which says Edens Zero. In the present day, after those incidents happened, the unknown strangers manage to escape from Professor Weisz Steiner’s house. They run away with the briefcase that Professor Weisz Steiner has stolen from the Crime Boss Sibir. The stranger’s gang recently abandoned the crime Boss Sibir. Later Rebecca receives news from a news broadcast of Shooting Starlight’s Guild.

Crime Boss Sibiri

Edens Zero

Edens Zero

She discovered that she, Shiki, and Happy has traveled in the past. They have traveled fifty years back in time; they are in year X442. The crew also finds that the unknown guy is the past version of the elderly Professor Weisz Steiner. The next day Sibir confronts the trio thinking that they are Professor Weisz Steiner’s allies. The notice that Sibir won’t let them explain he will kill them without hesitating, and they hide bar and avoid creating a time paradox. But they end up meeting with Professor Weisz Steiner.

They explained everything that has happened to Professor Weisz Steiner and reveals that they have traveled fifty years in the past. Shiki stumbles with Professor Weisz Steiner’s briefcase and finds a small android inside called E.M. Pino. E.M. Pino possesses an electromagnetic pulse. The EMP can disable Ether Gear and machinery. But Pino lost her memories and started to call the Crime Boss Sibir her master. She left and met Sibi, but she leaves Shiki’s crew with a B-Cube that showed that Sibir was abusing her.

They find that Sibir is responsible for erasing Pino’s memory and that why she is considering him as her master. Sibir has erased Pino’s memory of her true master to exploit her EMP for his benefit. Shiki’s crew finds that Pino is from the future in year X492. They find that history has been changed and decided to rescue Pino.

Edens Zero Episode 5 Release Date

Edens Zero Episode 5 will release on Sunday, 9 May 2021, at 12:55 AM JST. You will be able to watch Edens Zero online on Netflix.

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