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Spoilers & Preview: Edens Zero Episode 3

Edens Zero
Edens Zero

Shiki and Rebeca travel, and they are about to arrive at the Sakura Cosmos. She told Shiki to look outside, and he is stunned by the view of different planets. Rebecca told Shiki that their ship is a ship that transverse the Cosmos. Shiki wonders if this is really the Cosmos. Rebeca also shows him other Cosmoses around them. Happy notice that Shiki is crying, and she told Rebecca.

Shiki comments that they were his friends, but he has decided that he will make 100 friends in space. Shiki sits down and studies the B-Cube. Rebeca splits the B-Cube into multiple of B-Cube. He can believe that the cube can record everything that Rebecca and Happy do. Rebecca told the copy of her inside the cube to stop copying her. She reveals that this is a video site called B-Cube. She shows him dice that he can use to record videos.

Previously on Edens Zero Episode 2

Rebecca also told Shiki that they could upload videos and watch videos inside the B-Cube. She also said that people would like and share their videos, and they are called B-Cubers. Since they have many viewers, they make money from videos too. Shiki examines the B-Cube and wonders what a B-Cube is. Rebecca told Shiki that their job is to travel around to all sorts of places and make a ton of interesting videos. He showed Shiki a photo that reminds him of when he met with robots that consider humans to be enemies.

Shiki told the robots that humans are their friends and the king of robots replies that they are machines and they don’t make friends. Shiki realizes that he was not welcomed in that world. He bangs his head with the window and says he will make a hundred people around the place. Shiki wonders why non-human doesn’t want to befriend humans. He concludes that everyone in the space will end up befriending him. Happy and Rebecca agree with him.

Rebecca comments that when they go to Blue Garden, they will register as an adventurer. Shiki gets excited, realizing that he will be able to make more friends. Rebecca told him to think of this as a passport that lets him go to many different planets. She reveals that Blue Garden is a planet with many immigrants, so everyone is allowed to register. Shiki comments that hearing the world Adventure gets him pumped. Rebecca suggests that Shiki can become their bodyguard for a while.

Edens Zero

Edens Zero

Blue Garden Planet of Adventure

Shiki wonders why and she reveals that when they are filming a video, it can sometimes get dangerous. She compliments him that he is a good fighter who can even use Ether Gear. Shiki realizes that he used the Ether Gear earlier and defeated the king of robots. That time during the battle, he landed a blow that slams the king to the ground. The king couldn’t believe that a human has defeated a robot with a bare hand. Shiki realizes that it was his first victory as a warrior.

Rebecca comments that she feels safer when she is around him. Shiki smiles and comments that he is in, and Rebecca said then it’s settled. They both high five, and Shiki said he is happy to be on board. Happy comments that they are here, Blue Garden, the planet of Adventures. Their ship landed there; Shiki is impressed by the huge building. Rebecca told him that it is the beginning of his adventure. He is excited to see more humans and realizes that it is his time to make more friends.

Shiki wanted to go and touch them, but Rebecca stops him. She realizes that when Shiki touches her for the first time, he touches her chest like he is romancing her. She is worried that he might touch the woman of someone and get smashed. They enjoy exploring Blue Garden, and Shiki defeated punks who were kidnaping people and taking their stuff. Rebecca recalls the time when Happy was turned into a machine when she was young.

Edens Zero Episode 3 Release Date

Edens Zero Episode 3 will release on Sunday, 25 April 2021, at 12:55 AM JST. You can watch Edens Zero online on Netflix. You can find more updates on the video below.

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