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Edens Zero Episode 21: Release Date & Spoilers

Edens Zero
Edens Zero

The adventure of Shiki begins with Edens Zero Episode 21, with Homura and Shiki brawling with the villains and got imprisoned. This will be released this coming weekend. From the recent episode of Edens Zero, Captain Connor arrived at Edens Zero and showed the crew a tattoo written Edenes One. Conner comments that he is the new captain’s ship. The team arrived at a banquet, but they got attacked by villains. Homura and Shiki battle with those villains, but they got teleported to the prison but the guards.

The guards reveal that the two have been deemed sub-criminals, and they got sentenced to 100000 metals. Rebecca thought that Shiki and Homura got assassinated. But the guards told them not to be afraid since the two are not terminated. Shiki and Homura got sent to the labor district as sub-criminals. If they can mine 100000 metals of the planet’s natural ore, they will return to this region. The guards left and told everyone to live in righteousness and purity. Madame Kuranai will always be a friend to the righteous.  Pino and Happy wonder about the labor district. Rebbeca wonder who is Madame Kurenai and promise that she will rescue Shiki and Homura.

The episode title is ”Stones.” The episode begins with Shiki and Homura falling from the red portal. They both hit the ground and wonder wonders what this place is. Homura comments that they got teleported somewhere. Shiki saw something on Homura’s neck and ask her what it is. Homura looked at Shiki and told him that he has the same displaying the number 100000. The two heard an army of monsters approaching them and wonders what these things are. Shiki comments that they are bugs. Homura begins to kill them, and the 100000 number starts to decrease.

Edens Zero

Edens Zero

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Previously on Edens Zero Episode 20

The mysterious crew arrives and begins to flame those bugs. One of those guys notices that Shiki and Homura are new. Homura traveled with those guys and arrived in a filthy town. The bold guy comments that those monsters are called Stones, but they are the weakest type. They are all hunters and dig metal from the Stones. All the ore on the planet comes from Stones—defeating one Stone Metal gets sent up to Madame Kurenai. The metal band hanging around their neck decreases the numbers when they dig metals. Homura wonders why they have to mine the metal, and everything goes to Madame Kurenai.

Edens Zero

Edens Zero

Shiki wakes up after falling unconscious the moment he saw bugs. Shiki asks who this Madame Kurenai is. One of the hunters reveals that Madame Kurenai is the most persuasive authority on this planet. If they want to leave this planet, they have to cooperate and work for Madame Kurenai until the number on their neck gets down to zero. Shiki comments that it sounds rough, and the hunter told him that they are all in the same boat. Shiki can’t believe that they have to fight all those creepy bugs.

The second hunter adds that some bugs even look like giant Kaiju monsters. Shiki is glad that they are not all bugs and told Homura. Homura is looking at the sky, thinking about returning. She realizes that the situation is not favorable. Homura realizes that she came to this planet to find her mentor, but now she must exterminate insets. Benzaiten Garrot arrives and punishes Shiki and everyone using the electrical whip. Rebecca and her crew met with a lady who pranked Rebbeca and said it is for video prank. They met with a guy who wants to help them.

Edens Zero Episode 21 Release Date

Edens Zero Episode 21 will be released on Sunday, 5 September 2021, at 1:00 AM. The episodes of Edens Zero arrives on Saturday in others countries; you can get them early. Let’s look at Edens Zero’s official updates below.

Where To Watch Edens Zero Episode 21

You can watch Edens Zero Episode 21 online on Netflix, Hulu, and Bilibili. Edens Zero will conclude soon, with three episodes remaining. You can get the last episode with English subtitles. We will keep on updating the latest episode of this anime.

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