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What To Expect From Edens Zero Episode 2?

Edens Zero

In this world, aliens, humans, robots live together in a world divided into cosmoses with the Sakura Cosmos. Many years ago, a boy named Shiki met with the Demon King Ziggy. Demon King Ziggy became Shiki’s grandfather and headed with him to the world called Granbell. He raised Shiki to become a warrior. Edens Zero made its debut last week; let’s find more here. Demon King Ziggy told Shiki to make more friends as he travels around the world. Shiki met with Happy in the Granbell Kingdom.

During their meeting, they face a faint robot monster. After defeating the robot, Shiki befriend Rebeca realizing that she is human just like him. Shiki started to hang out with Rebecca and Happy, and they both set on a journey. In the morning, Shiki wakes up and notices that a piece of his hair is missing. When he tries to look for Rebbeca and Happy, he finds that they are missing. He realizes that giant robot monsters have kidnaped the two. Shiki gets furious and heads out.

 Previously on Edens Zero Episode 1

Later Shiki arrives at the giant robot monster’s base in time. He finds that they were about to execute Rebecca and Happy. But he got involved in a fierce battle and saved the two. The robots want to get revenge on humanity, but they failed since Shiki defeated them. The trio head back to the kingdom, and Shiki decided to go out on an adventure to get stronger. On their journey, Shiki finds the truth about  Rebecca’s B-Cube channel. Later Rebecca told Shiki to register into her Guild and become an official Adventurer.

Shiki agrees and joins the Guild and met with a giant hologram of Mother.  When he reveals to other adventures what he saw, they thought that he is crazy. They tease him, and it makes Rebecca feel embarked. The adventures know that no one has ever met with Mother. Labilia Christy mocks Rebecca, and Shiki notice that Rebecca is shedding tears. Shiki warns the adventures to stop making fun of Rebecca, or they will pay. Rebbeca left with Shiki after getting their adventurer card.

Shiki felt hurt about everything that has happened and decided that he will prove that he has met with Mother before. He told Rebbeca how they would prove that, and she agrees. They board an Aqua Wing and head towards Planet Norma. On their way, they talk about Rebbeca B-Cuber.  Rebbeca teaches Shiki to control the Aqua Wing.

Edens Zero

Edens Zero

Professor Weisz Steiner

Shiki notices a rock Ether Pillar emerging and uses Ether Gear. Rebecca explains what Ether Gear is to Shiki. Later they land in the city., They were looking for Professor Steiner. When they arrive at his house, they find that he was not around. Shiki started to touch Professor’s belonging, and Rebecca told him to stop. Suddenly a blond man sneaked inside the room and took his gun out. He pits at Shiki and Rebecca, asking them why they are here.  Rebecca reveals they are looking for Professor Weisz Steiner.

The man comments that Professor Weisz Steiner is the guy standing in front of them. The trio is excited that they have managed to find Professor Weisz Steiner. When they are leaving planet  Norma, Elsie Crimson arrives. Shiki clashes with Elsie Crimson, fighting for who will own the ship. While fighting with her, he notices that she is an android. Shiki uses Gravity Comet that he learned from his grandfather Demon King Ziggy. The Creed of the Interstellar Union Army started to think that Shiki is the Demon King.

After a long battle, Shiki conquered Elsie. Elsie gives Shiki the ship and reveals that she know Demon King Ziggy. She was battle him to see if the ship is with the right guy. Shiki realizes that Elsie wanted him to prove that he is the grandson son of Demon King Ziggy. They both head to Planet Red Cave and begin their new adventures.

 Previously on Edens Zero Episode 2 Release Date

Edens Zero Episode 2 will release on Sunday, 18 April 2021, at 12:55 AM JST. You can watch Edens Zero online on  Netflix.

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