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Spoilers & Preview: Edens Zero Episode 18

Edens Zero

Edens Zero Episode 18 is about to release soon. Shiki and his crew managed to defeat the villain that tried to hack the Edens Zero with the help of Hermit. Let’s find what awaits Shiki with his team as they travel through the robotic world in the latest episode of Edens Zero. The episode begins with Witch Regret revealing that Edens Zero has an auto-repair function, but it will take time to recover from this damages. The episode title is ”The Temple of Knowledge.” Hermit apologizes, thinking that it is her fault, and Witch Regret told her not to take the blame.

Sister Ivry tries to pull her leg by saying it is her fault since she took time to help them defeat the villain hacker. Hermit replies that she has apologized, and Sister Ivry asks her if she hopes for some of her deadly punishment. Hermit scares them by trying to press the don’t push button on Moscow’s belly. Sister Irvy told her that she is joking after realizing that everything will explode if Hermit presses the button. Witch Regret realizes that the two Sisters love to pull each other’s legs.

The three Sisters are glad they have reunited, but one Sister is missing to c0mplete all for Four Shining Sisters that controls the Edens Zero. Hermit comments that Sister is always picking over the two of them. Sister Ivry embraced Hermit and told her that he is glad that she is back. Later the girls went to enjoy hot springs, and Homura wishes to see Valkyrie. Homura told Rebecca that she missed Valkyrie, and they spent five years without seeing each other. One day Valkyrie suddenly disappeared, but Sister and Hermit got found.

Previously on Edens Zero Episode 17

Homura hopes that she will reunite with Valkyrie, and once it happened, she will show her the power of how she has improved in using the sword. She challenged Rebecca to a duel, and Rebecca reminds her that she is enjoying bathing. Meanwhile, inside the Edens Zero kitchen, Weisz and Shiki are excited that they are enjoying eating the curry that Rebecca told them about earlier. The two also enjoy eating pizza and burgers. And Shiki asks Pino to taste one. Pino reminds Shiki that she is a robot and doesn’t come equipped with a taste sensory function. But she only needs energy restoring jelly to function correctly.

Edens Zero


Weisz thinks that Pino had a terrible taste, and Shiki feels sorry for Pino since she is missing delicious food and is drinking energy drinks. Pino told the two that she thinks that someday, she can taste things since she wants to be a human. Weisz tried to say to her that robots can’t become humans. But Shiki interfered and said Pino could achieve her goal. Weisz sticks to his mind that bots will never become a human.

But if the tale of the ”Legendary Mother” is accurate, everything is possible when ”Mother” is around. On Planet Sea Brown, a brother told his sister that he would save Edens Zero since they are in trouble. Shiki found about Master Noah and said he wouldn’t forgive him. But the girls told him that they must first find Valkyrie. Hermit reveals that they must first fight the Legendary Fortuneteller. They arrive at The Temple of Knowledge and take off their shoes before they can enter. They met with Xiane, who sent them to Mildian Battle Coliseum.

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Edens Zero Episode 18 Release Date

Edens Zero Episode 18 release date is Sunday, 8 August 2021, at 12:55 AM. This anime: Edens Zero, releases a new episode every Sunday. Edens Zero is left with seven episodes to conclude its final episode. Make sure you watch the latest episodes of Edens Zero in time. Let’s take a look at the Netflix official preview of Edens Zero below.

Where To Watch Edens Zero Episode 18?

You can watch Edens Zero Episode 18 online on Netflix. This anime: Edens Zero, is available on its Twitter account, website, and other platforms. The latest episodes are available on Netflix as soon as the anime releases. You can get the Edens Zero episode with English subtitles. Let’s meet again after Edens Zero releases the latest episode. You can look at Preview & Recap: Edens Zero Episode 17.

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