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Preview & Recap: Edens Zero Episode 17

Edens Zero

Let’s find how the journey of Shiki continues on Edens Zero Episode 17. Shiki and the rest of his crew defeat Draken in Digitalis and reclaim Hermit. The Crew head back to Edens Zero with Hermit to restore her heart. Hermit woke up and decided that she wants to return her body to Iron Hill. Sister Ivry wonders if they had brought her heart back. They both heard an emergency alarm and wonders what is happening. The great Spidersent a massage that he is a hacking genius. Rebecca wonders who that guy is, and the guy reveals that he told them that he is Jamilov, the one they met in Digitalis.

Witch Regret wonders how Jamilov hacked Edens Zero and begins to control the ship. Jamilov said humans can’t beat him and begins to make the part of Edens Zero explode. Homura and Weisz wonder what is happening. Witch Regret reveals that Edens Zero is getting demolished from inside. The ship will get destroyed at this rate. Pino wonders if they can stabilize the system, and Witch Reget said Hermit could do that work. They send the message to Hermit, who is in the other room, and told her that she is the one who can help them.

Hermit replies that she can’t, and they can evacuate, leaving the shop to explode. Shiki and Rebecca decided to convince Hermit. Witch Regret told Weisz and Sister Ivry to repair the damages as soon as possible. Moscow asks what he can do, and Sister Iry told him not to get in the way. Hermit thinks nothing is essential and recalls the day she talked about Ether’s reaction. The Demon King said to her that it is a device that will save a significant number of bots.

Previously on Edens Zero Episode 16

In the past, Hermit met with scientists who created her and told her that humans need her powers. Hermit agrees to work with Dr. Muller. The episode title is ”Fireworks.” Fifteen years ago in Planet Newton at Muller Roya Laboratories, Muller enjoys working with Hermit. He introduces Ether Accelerator: Prototype Number Six. Hermit comments that it looks like a weapon. Muller reveals that if they work on it, they save all of the bots on Planet Hook.

Muller said that no matter what they do with their technology, they can stabilize the Ether fusion reactor. Hermit thinks it is challenging to stabilize such large Ether and asks about Planet Hook; Muller replies that Planet Hook is a planet full of bots that neighbors their world. The bots go to live there when they get discarded by their humans.

Edens Zero


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Shinning Stars

The bots have nowhere to go, and they carry on with their bleak lives, and the entire planet has grave Ether deficiency. Once the Ether Acceleration gets completed, it could supply the planet’s needs. Hermit wonders why Muller is eager to help, and Muller said that machines need humans and humans also need them. Muller wonders if humans can live without devices since they both need each other. He believes that friendship can exist between humans and machines; Hermit thinks it will be great when humans coexist with bots.

Back to Edens Zero, Weisz told Witch Regret that he couldn’t keep up with his repairs. Witch Regret replies that they have to make efforts, increasing the shield to the maximum. Sister Ivry is trying to fix the wall, and Weisz scolds her that she can use her powers to do it in one shot. Sister Ivry responds that her powers only work on living things since they don’t have all four of the Shining Stars; the Edens Zero isn’t alive yet. Jamilov laughs at that that he is making their life difficult.

Shiki and Rebecca arrive in Hermit’s room, but she has locked the door. Homura wielded her blade and decided to cut the door before they incur a huge loss. Hermit thinks her other version is the one who can save them. Hermit recalls the day when Muller betrayed her, and that day she lost trust in humans. Rebecca managed to enter the room and convince her that not all humans are imperfect as she thought. Hermit helps them and blasts Jamilov along with his ship, and they saw fireworks.

Edens Zero Episode 17 Release Date

Edens Zero Episode 17 release date is 1 August 2021.

Where To Watch Edens Zero Episode 17?

You can watch Edens Zero online on Netflix and Hulu; you can also look at Edens Zero Episode 15: Preview And Recap.

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