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Spoilers & Preview: Edens Zero Episode 16

Edens Zero

The grandson of the Demon King got surprised when the fake Homura arrived and said she would join Draken Joe. Shiki realizes that they got outnumbered, and they can’t defeat Draken and save Hermit. Suddenly the real Homjura arrives and blocks all the barrages of arrows directed towards Shiki. Let’s find how the crew will face Draken in Digitalis on the latest episode of Edens Zero. The episode title is ”Great Kaiju Shiki.” The episode begins with surprised Shiki witnessing Homura blocking multiple attacks. Weisz wonders what is happening since there’s are two of the Homura.

The real Homura reveals that when she arrived in this world, she got locked inside the jail. But she managed to spend a day and escape, which lead her to gather information about this town. Homura comments that she got disappointed when she found that another scoundrel is using her name. She looked at the other one and said she would never take on a man’s appearance. Weisz and Rebecca realize that the beautiful one is Homjura, and the one looks like the man was trying to be Homura. Pino wonders how the imposter arrived here.

Shiki asks the imposters’ real name, and the lady replies that she was so close. Draken told them to shut up. Draken gets furious and unleashes Shark Maria, who ate one of the citizens. Weisz and Rebecca wonder why Draken wants Maria to swallow everyone. Draken gets furious and told them they would all die while unleashing a vast beam that almost hits Shiki and hits the building. Homura decided to face the imposter to uncover the villain’s true identity. Shiki landed a stomp kick on Draken’s face, who got sent flying.

Previously on Edens Zero Episode 15

Draken manages to land on the ground, and Rebecca said Draken has a good Cheat. The crew wonders what Cheat is, and Rebecca said it is attacking N.P.C.s, controlling monsters. Draken has powered himself up beyond the game’s setting and illegally mobilizes planet data to give himself an advantage. Shiki wonders how they will beat a guy like this while Draken wields Shark Maria. Draken headbutt Shik on the chest.

Hermit reminds the crew that they can also use cheats. Homura pursues the imposter heading to the forest. The imposter summons a horse, and Homura said she has learned to call things utilizing the planet’s technology. The two continue pursuing each other, and Homura asks the imposter to tell her name. The imposter replies that she can copy a person’s appearance, personality, and memories. She changed her appearance as they advance.

Edens Zero

Edens Zero

Magimech Attack: Gravity Fist Frenzy

The lady reveals that she is Amira and she belongs to the Galatic Intelligence Agency; the G.I.A. Homura never expects a spy to show herself like that and asks if she is the government spy. Amira replies that Homura has caught her, but her target is Draken Joe, the evilest man in the Sakura Cosmos. Homura wonders if there was a need for Amira to impersonate her. Amira is disappointed that Sjhiki and the others ruined her plans. Amira told Homura that spies couldn’t use their accounts when they are undercover.

Homura realizes that Amira is saying that hacking her account is easy. Amira said she got surprised to know that Jesse knows Homura. Amira points the gun at Homura, stating that Homura has to die since she knows her true identity. The shower of bullets heads toward her, and Homura uses her two swords to block the shots. The two exchange blows and Amira notice that guns won’t work at Homjura and shoot the branch of a tree that blocked Homura’s path. Amira enters sniper mode to blast Homura.

Homura counterattacks that blow and send the missile back to Amira, who vanishes after realizing that she will get blown into pieces. Later, Amira wakes up inside the tube in her base and says that it was close. Shiki and Draken continue with their braw as Shiki trie to take Draken down. Hermit explains to the others how they can beat Draken using cheats. Shiki uses the powers of Ether Gear and defeats Draken using Magimech Attack: Gravity Fist Frenzy. After defeating Draken, they head back to the Edens Zero and revive Hermit.

Edens Zero Episode 16 Release Date

Edens Zero Episode 16 release date is 25 July 2021. You can watch Edens Zero online on Netflix and Hulu; you can also look at Edens Zero Episode 15: Preview And Recap.

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