Eden’s Zero Chapter 25 – Shiki’s New Attack Completed

There’s a lot of things going on in Eden’s Zero. A chronopage is coming their way, Copa is missing and Rebecca went off to find her, Jinn and Shiki’s fight ended when Rogue Out’s Sister intervened. Now that all of them got only an hour left to make it out to Planet Guilst, will everything be resolved in Eden’s Zero chapter 25?

At the start of the fight, Ganof will send raining bullets to Shiki’s way. However, Shiki will be able to avoid the bullets by using his Ether Gear. Shiki will hide behind a box which, miraculously and for some reason, cannot be penetrated by the bullets. Shiki is a melee style combatant, and against a ranged attack, all he can do is avoid it. Getting an inspiration from Rebecca and Happy’s coordinate attacks,

Eden's Zero Chapter 25

The gravity balls will hit Ganof like heavy bowling balls. It will send Ganof flying and will injure him. Shiki is about to hit Sister, but before the balls hit her, she drags Jinn by her tail. Jinn took the hit and will be heavily injured, making Shiki angry again because she can do that to her comrades. However, it seems like it is fine because Sister can heal Jinn and Ganof.

Meanwhile, Rebecca is still trying to find Copa. She will find her hat lying in the ground and will find a room where a lot of human furniture is displayed. These stone humans are likely Illega’s other victims and Rebecca will feel that she needs to save them. That’s it for Eden’s Zero chapter 25. What if Illega captured Copa with his numbing ability? Will they be able to get out of the planet before the chronopage erases them? How will Weisz and Homura save Sister Ivry? We will know more in the next chapters.

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