Eden’s Zero Chapter 24 – Shiki VS Jhin Part 2

Things get more interesting in the previous chapter of Eden’s Zero. Weisz suddenly turned his hand against the mysterious Homura and showed how dangerous he can be when he tried to using his ether gear. Meanwhile, everyone on the Rogue Out, especially Sister, is still on the planet. Shiki and Jhin are also heading for a showdown. Will they all be able to get out of Planet Guilst before the Chronophage appears and devour it?

Eden's Zero Chapter 24

In the spoilers, Happy and the Witch are both discussing the Chronophage. Happy will reiterate what happened to Norma, where Weisz came from. If the Chronophage ate Planet Guilst, everything will be going back 50 years in time and there would be no escape. All that is not on the planet 50 years ago will cease to exist. That means Rebecca, Shiki, Weisz, Homura, and all the other characters present are in danger. Because of this, Witch and Happy decided to land Eden’s Zero on the planet to save the rest. The time before the Chronophage land on Planet Guilst is 60 minutes, so they only have an hour left to leave.

Meanwhile, Shiki and Jhin are still rampaging from Illega’s kitchen. Shiki will land a blow into Jhin, but the latter will use his detachable hand to counterattack from the distance. However, Shiki will throw the hand back to Jhin. The battle seemed to drag on for a while in the 60 minutes remaining. However, it is possible that the battle will be cut short when Witch carries out the information about the incoming danger to Pino, who will likely make the fight stop and reveal the current situation.

And that’s it for Eden’s Zero Chapter 24 spoilers. it seems like Shiki and Jhin battle will not last. Hopefully, we can get more action before their 60 minutes is finished.

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