Eden’s Zero Chapter 23 Spoilers – Dark Lord Shiki

In the previous chapter of Eden’s Zero, the girls decided to entrust everything to Rebecca. They managed to get her out of the prison and unlock the door. However, she accidentally gets herself into the kitchen where Illega is eating. Fortunately for her, Shiki came just in time to save her from the frog. However, there will be an important detail that will be unveiled in Eden’s Zero chapter 23.

The last part of the previous chapter has shown Shiki throwing his first punch at Illega. Rebecca was happy to see him because that would mean she and the other B-cubers will finally be freed. The punch sent Illega flying and destroying a big portion of the kitchen. It is safe to say that it is dangerous to anger him.

Eden's Zero Chapter 23

Rebecca tried to ask Shiki if Happy and the Guild Master are safe, but he won’t listen nor talk to her. Shiki will continue to attack Illega even though the frog is not moving or even defending anymore. Pino answered Rebecca’s question and told her that Happy was damaged by was fixed while she doesn’t know anyone by the name of “Guild Master”.

Shiki is still assaulting Illega¬†and destroying the place further. He is uncontrollable and even Rebecca wants him to stop. His Ether Gear is using a lot of power that no one can actually go near him. Because of this, Pino decided to use EMP Force Field to deactivate Shiki’s Ether Gear and make him stop assaulting Illega.

That’s the first time Shiki manifested a similar action befitted of a Dark Lord. For some reason, his fury is making him stronger (but more dangerous) than before. Will this mean something in the future for Shiki? And that’s it for Eden’s Zero chapter 23. Stay tuned for more Eden’s Zero spoilers.

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