Eden’s Zero Chapter 22 Spoilers – Naked Escape Plan

In the last chapter of Eden’s Zero, Shiki and the others encountered Sister and fought her soldiers. Homura’s ether gear was also revealed to be the Soul Blade, which lets her materialize swords for fighting. It seems like a new internal conflict will occur within Sister and her client, Illega, because of Jhin’s failure to take Christy. In Eden’s Zero chapter 22, Rebecca will finally find a way to escape the prison.

The scene will start with Homura taking down all the soldiers from Sister’s ranks. Weiss will be amazed that Homura can defeat such amount of soldiers alone. Meanwhile, Rogue Out group is still taking with Illega’s men about the payment. Illega’s men refuse to give the payment since what’s in the contract is 30 B-Cubers. Rogue Out only managed to get 29 because of Shiki’s interference. While they are discussing Sister will appear and will demand to be taken to Illega. It seems like she will not let a client get away without paying. Before she goes, she will order one of her men to take care of the “corpses” in the HQ.

Eden's Zero chapter 22

Shiki will successfully infiltrate the base via Sister’s airship. Jhin will feel his presence, but Shiki will be able to hide. Meanwhile, Rebecca and the other B-Cubers were all naked and surrounded by the mysterious bubbles. One B-Cuber will reveal that her stunts and videos were all scripted. She will also reveal that she doesn’t want to die to do dangerous things for her channel, that’s why it was all scripted.

Rebecca will ask if all their belongings were dissolved. She will also pinpoint that the floor and the walls are not dissolved. One B-Cuber will notice that her glasses were also gone. Because of this, Rebecca will notice that there are glasses in the walls but are placed too high for the bubbles to reach.

She will realize that they can escape by using the bubbles to the glass. A B-Cuber will suggest forming a pyramid so that they can reach the glasses. And that’s it for Eden’s Zero chapter 22. Will Shiki be able to rescue Rebecca and the others? We will know in the next chapters.

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