Eden’s Zero Chapter 21 Official Spoilers: Homura’s Ether Gear Revealed

In the previous chapter of Eden’s Zero, Shiki’s group managed to locate Rogue’s Out headquarters. They also unexpectedly met Sister, who is one of Dark Lord Ziggy’s Four Star Shine. However, it was revealed that she is also the leader of the gang that kidnapped Rebecca and the other B-Cubers. In Eden’s Zero Chapter 21, a battle between Shiki and Sister’s men will start. In the middle of the battle, Homura will finally reveal her Ether Gear.

Eden’s Zero Chapter 21 Official Spoilers

With Rebecca’s disappearance, Shiki and his gang all went to Planet Guilst to find her and rescue the other Bcubers. The last chapter has shown us how Illega¬†is turning humans into stones to make them his “furniture”. When Shiki demanded that they give Rebecca back, Sister will tell them that in the mercenary world, there are no good or evil, only contracts. To ensure good reputation to their clients, they do not accept offers that against the previous jobs they did.

Unknown to Sister, Pino is sending information about her to the Eden’s Zero. Witch confirmed that the Sister in front of them is, in fact, the original Sister from the Four Star Shines. However, Shiki and Homura don’t know this because only Pino and Witch can talk to each other secretly because they’re both machines.

Seeing Shiki as a threat, Sister commanded all his men present at the church to attack the visitors. However, she will order them to be careful because she wants the corpses undamaged. Shiki and the gang managed to dodge the missiles from the soldiers. However, one missile manages to escape Shiki’s field of vision and is about to get him when Homura used her Ether Gear to slice the missile. Homura’s Ether Gear enables her to create a sword made out of the ether any time, anywhere.

edens zero chapter 21

The fight will continue and it seems like we will not see Rebecca for a while. This is also a good chance to showcase the new character, Homura, and her skills, starting Eden’s Zero chapter 21. Hopefully, we will also know why Sister is acting like that and is not able to recognize Shiki as Dark Lord Ziggy’s successor.

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