‘Eden’s Zero’ Chapter 21 Expectations – Sister VS Shiki?

Another one of the Star Shines appeared in the previous chapter of Eden’s Zero. Shiki, Weiss, Homura, and Pino managed to land into Planet Guilst to look for Jinn and the kidnappers. Instead, they found one of the Star Shines, Sister, who happened to be the leader of Rogue Out, the group who kidnapped Rebecca. Will Shiki fight Sister in Eden’s Zero chapter 21?

Eden’s Zero Chapter 21 – Sister’s Alliance?

Rescuing Rebecca is the main reason why Shiki and the group decided to go to the Guilst¬†in the first place. But now that everything’s tangled up with each other, it seems like it might take more chapters before they see Rebecca again. Starting with what’s on their plate first, Shiki (or Homura) might have a fight against Sister in Eden’s Zero chapter 21.

Sister is one of the Four Shining Stars of the former Demon Lord Ziggy. While Witch is the “Shield” among the Shining Stars, Sister is the “Life of Edens”, healing and repairing machines. It is not clear yet why Sister became the leader of the Rogue Out. It is not also clear if she will be convinced to join the new Demon King Shiki in his journey to meet Mother. Will Sister help when she found out that Shiki is her supposed to be “new master”?

eden's zero chapter 21

Meanwhile, Rebecca and the others are being cleansed so that they can be turned into stone furniture. Of course, Rebecca will not let that happen, but how will she convince the others to work together and escape? Will there be a way to make the “stoned” victims turn into normal?

Hopefully, we will finally know what Homura can do in Eden’s Zero chapter 21. It can be remembered that she revealed it a few chapters ago but her ether ability was not revealed to the readers. And hopefully, we will finally see if Rebecca actually managed to activate ether gear in the next chapters.

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