Eden’s Zero Chapter 19 – The Genius Who Only Thinks Of Fun

In the previous chapter of Eden’s Zero, it was revealed that there are other Ether Gear users other than Shiki. There are also elemental Ether Gears and it seems like it can be awakened and is unique in every user. There are also new characters previewed in the last chapter. Who is this mysterious girl and why is she interested in Eden’s Zero? Here are the possible spoilers for Eden’s Zero chapter 19.

Eden’s Zero Chapter 19 Possible Spoilers

Beside Elcy Crimson, the guy who uses Wind Ether Gear is the only opponent that Shiki hasn’t defeated in one battle. This Jin, who is working under “Sister”, was forced to retreat, but not without him leaving an invitation of a rematch behind for Shiki to take. He also appeared in the last panel of the previous chapter, so we might see him in Eden’s Zero chapter 19.

edens zero chapter 19

Jin, his group, and Sister’s identities are quite the mystery already. Nobody knows who they are and why they kidnap female B-cubers beside the fact that they are commanded by Sister to do so. Could Sister be the one who is mentioned in the notes of the last chapter? Is Sister the ”¬†Genius Who Only Thinks Of Fun” or is this person someone else?

Another person that is worthy to note is the mystery lady who appeared just as when Shiki is leaving for Planet Guilst. Upon hearing Dark Lord Ziggy’s ship name, Eden’s Zero, she seems to start to stare at Shiki’s direction. Is he a Star Shine or any of Ziggy’s old acquaintances? Or is she related to the one they call “Sister”?

The mission to rescue Rebecca will be started in Eden’s Zero chapter 19. Shiki, Happy, and Pino will go to the Planet Guilst and start wreaking havoc there. Will Weiss have something to do with the next chapter? Stay tuned for more updates.

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