Eden’s Zero Chapter 18 Spoilers – Rebecca’s In Danger

Eden’s Zero started revealing more of its plot elements in the last few chapters of the manga. There’s a lot of new characters that are about to be introduced in the manga, including the other Star Shines. The possibility of Rebecca using Ether is such a thing to look forward to. However, in Eden’s Zero chapter 18, Rebecca might meet a villain, and she might not be able to fight it.

Eden’s Zero Chapter 18 – The Battle Of Ether Gears

In Eden’s Zero chapter 18, it seems like we might see more people who can use Ether Gears like Shiki. The mysterious man is using an Ether Gear that lets him control or manipulate things, but it is also possible that his Ether Gear lets him control his whole body however he likes. It seems like his gear works like Buggy’s Bara Bara no Mi, but with improvement and more power.

edens zero chapter 18

Mystery Man’s Gear is still vague, but we will see more of what it really does in Eden’s Zero chapter 18. If there’s a massive hunt for B-Cubers right now, it is possible that the Mystery Man is not the only one who are hunting B-Cubers. That villain from Planet Guilst who turns women to stone specified that he wants more B-Cubers.

There’s a possibility that Rebecca is meeting with someone working with the villain from Planet Guilst. But there is also a possibility that she will be meeting the guild master, although it seems a little unlikely. The men working with this Guilst¬†guy are from this someone named “Sister.” It’s too early to conclude who this Sister is, but it seems like she is related to “Mother,” who is the biggest woman in the whole universe.

If these soldiers from Sister can use Ether Gear, what is Sister’s connection to the Dark Lord Ziggy? Are they allies or are they rivals? Hopefully, Eden’s Zero chapter 18 will give more information about the Dark Lord’s and Sister’s oast.

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