Eden’s Zero Chapter 17 – The Guild Master

Eden’s Zero chapter 17 is finally just around the corner. Now that we have another new character, we all want to know if the man from the last chapter is one of the Star Shines. Another thing is the introduction of the Guild Master and why he likes to have Rebecca as an audience. Here are the spoilers for Eden’s Zero Chapter 17.

In the last chapter, Rebecca was invited as an audience to the Guild Master. Rebecca is nervous about this matter while Shiki will ask who the Guild Master is. It will be revealed that Rebecca and Happy haven’t seen this Guild Master yet while Shiki will ask if it is okay to be friends with the master. Some readers think that this Guild Master has the same character design as Makarov; hopefully, this would be confirmed in Eden’s Zero chapter 17.

In the end, even though she is nervous and scared, Rebecca decided to finally meet the Guild Master. Happy suggested that Shiki should not come with them. Ranting a little about it with Pino, Shiki decided that since they don’t have something else to do, he and the robot will explore the city. He promised Pino that they will see weird dogs that says “Puun”.

This chapter is all about introducing new technologies from the series and giving the readers a grasp about this universe. Shiki and Pino will see a vending machine and how it is full of juice. There are also cleaning bots and water that floats through the air with water ether. After some time, Pino will notice that they are actually lost, but Shiki will confidently say that they aren’t and that he knows the way perfectly.

It seems like the mysterious man from the last episode and the Guild Master will not be introduced yet in Eden’s Zero chapter 17. And it also seems like Shiki and Pino will be in trouble or might encounter someone while they’re exploring. Hopefully, we will know more about the Sister or the other Star Shines in the future chapters.

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