Eden’s Zero Chapter 14 Leaks, Spoilers, Release Date

In this post, I’ll be discussing Eden’s Zero Chapter 14 spoilers. This post contains major spoilers, so read at your own risk. Let us begin with the posts.

Shiki taking off his jacket to battle was cool and if you see that panel where he does the Dae Machina Gravity Comet, the lines on his Ether Gear spread more of his body and add antennas. If the developing lines mean increasing power he’s simply been using a part of his power up until now. Unnecessary to say, I’m so excited about where this manga is going. Anyway, great chapter observing more of Shiki’s past and Elsie has a purpose in her mind to inquire about Shiki’s force. We additionally got to see more new characters.

Eden's Zero Chapter 14
Eden’s Zero

Now coming to spoilers for the next chapter, The SSAF has discovered the Ether field of the Demon King they will surely come to examine. Elsie has also been defeated which makes it simple for the SSAF to catch her. It has also been reported that Demon King also wanted to meet the Mother which thickens Shiki’s resolve even further.

SSAF might have more knowledge on how to approach Mother and that might serve as ammunition for Shiki’s mission. So, we will be able to observe much more action. We will further examine how the SSAF will take along Elsie Crimson and also Shiki taking over the large ship to meet Mother. Meeting Mother appears quite tough and therefore demanding a lot of adventure from the future chapters.

Where to read Eden’s Zero Manga?

There are some sites that let you read Eden’s Zero Manga for free. However, If you even read the scanlation, please help the original release by waiting for the proper release, which will further support the anime & manga community. Eden’s Zero chapter 14 is going to be issued on 03rd October 2018.

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