Eden’s Zero Chapter 11 Spoilers, Release Date

As we all know that Chapter 10 of Eden Zero is out and it looks very intriguing. It is anticipated that the next chapter is going to be more awesome than the previous instalment. So, In this article, I’ll be talking about Eden Zero Chapter 11 Spoilers and Release Date. As you all know this article contains major spoilers, I’m suggesting you should leave this article before you get spoiled. If you don’t mind being spoiled you can continue on this article. Now let’s get started.

Eden Zero Chapter 11 Spoilers

Eden Zero Chapter 11 Spoilers

It was rather obvious from the start but it’s pretty much established now that Pino’s master was formerly Professor Weisz from 50 years in the future. Also talking of Weisz it appears his younger self-has eventually joined the company with Shiki, Rebecca & Happy, though not through the usual power of friendship that Author Mashima loves to do but solely because he’s little harsh who wanted to seize a ship to fly from the police!

Eden Zero chapter 11 is named “Machina Maker.” This chapter will be centred more on young professor Weisz and how he is working to repair Rebecca’s ship. The Eden’s Zero manga is getting exciting week after week.

A Twitter user recently tweeted a low-quality panel of the upcoming chapter and fans all over the internet started to predict what’ll happen in Eden Zero Chapter 11.

It appears that there was a momentary change and that served Pino to recover his left leg, with this I can’t tell if they actually went back to the correct timeline, or they flew to a new one, besides it doesn’t actually seem like an encounter with Elcy. Apparently, it’s only a projection and she’s certainly discovered the ship that Shiki travels, although I must speak, if Elcy appeared, they should retreat to the timeline before.

Eden Zero Chapter 11 Release Date

Eden’s Zero chapter 11 is supposed to be out on their official time that is September 12th.  Some unofficial sites provide you to read Eden Zero Manga. However, even if you know the scanlation, please support the official releaseby waiting for the release, which will be beneficial for the anime & manga community.

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