Dying Light 2: Launch Date On PS4 / Xbox One And All We Know So Far

At E3 2018, Dying Light 2, the update to zombie game was announced by Chris Avellon, who serves as the narrative designer to the same. It combines an interesting blend of Lè Parkour and zombie killing. It is developed by Techland and published under Microsoft Games.

The first trailer to Dying Light 2 was unveiled on June 10′ 2018. This zombie action game might not be the best that’s out there, yet it has managed to stick so far. Dying Light will only be a single player game unlike what most fans had expected this time around. Dying Light 2 like the first is available on every Microsoft platform, Xbox One and Windows including PlayStation 4. It is not limited in terms of its platform.

The premise of Dying Light 2 is the same as that of Dying Light that first came out in 2015. Zombies are pushed outside of the city in daylight; players take decisions (that come with consequences) for the city dwellers.

Finally, there’s Parkour and zombie killing by the night. The visuals hint at a time that marks the beginning of a civilization and it’s the players that will build on it. The only difference between the two lies in an evolved choice based mechanics of Dying Light 2. There are choices and then there are consequences to each and every action undertaken in the game and that’s how the game moves on.

Dying Light 2: Release Date

Unfortunately, no information has been provided on when Dying Light 2 comes out since it was unveiled at E3 2018 recently. Chris Avellon, the narrator, didn’t give us any cues on a potential release date. And in my opinion, there’s still plenty of time before Dying Light 2 comes out. The trailer only shows the city at night time. Major details have been left unexplained as of now.

It’s really just the dark visuals that we see in Dying Light 2 trailer. No further plot details, game pricing, pre orders, edition details have been revealed. Guess we’ll just have to wait for events to unfold with time. At best you may expect Dying Light 2 to be out by 2019, first half. More as we have it.

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