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Dying 2 Know Episode 2 Announced in The Dying Light 2 Stream

Dying 2 Know Episode 2 Release Date
Dying Light 2 Combat

Dying 2 Know Episode 2 Release Date is something all Dying Light fans have been waiting for. The first Dying 2 Know stream came out at the end of May. And ever since then, the fans have been looking forward to additional gameplay footage. During this, we also got a gameplay trailer for Dying Light 2 Stay Human. In this trailer, we learned much more about the new multiplayer and co-op aspects of the game. And as of now, Dying Light 2 Stay Human is set to be released on 7th December 2021. This will be available on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PC, PS4, and PS5.

According to the gameplay trailer, Dying Light 2 Stay Human will have 3 factions. And you must decide to help or betray them, all of which will help shape the world around you. You have been equipped with a vast variety of new parkour skills. These skills allow you to move swiftly through the city. Additionally, they may come in handy to combats as well. Here too, you will see a contrast in zombies from day to night. While in the day, the zombies stay in their lairs, nighttime brings them out to hunt the humans that are outside. Lastly, the game is said to have a co-op feature of 2 to 4 players. This will allow you to add players or join others to explore the world.

Dying 2 Know Episode 2 Release Date

Dying 2 Know Episode 2 is set to be released on 1st July 2021. This event will be a stream in which new information pertaining to the game will be released. This live stream will begin at 3 pm ET and will be available to watch on the Techland Twitch Channel. The Dying 2 Know stream will run for 30 minutes with no pre-show, so make sure to be there on time. International audiences must not forget to convert the time to their local time zone before they sit down to watch the stream.

All-in-all, this stream is really just a gameplay stream that will show us the various new aspects that have been added to the game. The Developer, Techland makes use of two such semi-regular series for their Dying Light game. One, are these streams called “Dying 2 Know”, in which new elements in the game are shown to us through gameplay. The other is the traditional Q&A with the development team. This interview takes place for around 30 minutes in which we speak with the game’s protagonist Aiden’s voice.

Dying 2 Know Episode 2 Release Date

Nighttime in Dying Light 2 Stay Human

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What To Expect Dying Light 2 Stay Human?

Developer Techland has been pretty open about their game’s development, due to this, we know quite a lot about Dying Light 2 Stay Human. The Q&A video has informed us that Dying Light 2 Stay Human will be set 20 years after the events of the first game. Here, we will take upon the role of a freelance runner named Aiden Caldwell. He is an outsider that is trying to unravel a tangled mystery from his past. Due to this, he comes to this city. Herein, you will encounter several factions with whom you can work to change the look and feel of the city you explore. Along with this, we have learned that Kyle Crane from the first Dying Light game will not be making an appearance in this game. Although, it is said that his name may be referenced.

According to additional reports surrounding the Dying 2 Know Episode 2, the upcoming show will feature much more about factions. Here we are even going to learn much more about the game’s central city and multiplayer interactions. Word has been going around that the Dying 2 Stream will also feature a new variant of zombies. Along with this, we will learn much more about Aiden’s virus-detecting wristband.

Dying 2 Know Episode 2 Release Date

New Zombies

According to the game’s Animation Director, Dawid Lubryka, side quests in Dying Light 2 Stay Human will play a much bigger part in world-building. These quests will inevitably decide how the city will look. These changes should bring in new opportunities for the citizens to explore. While some NPC citizens may approve your decisions, others may not, but ultimately, it’s all up to you to decide, what The City will look like.

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