Dune Spice Wars: What is it About? Expectations & Gameplay

Dune Spice Wars Release Date
Dune Spice Wars Release Date

‘Dune Spice Wars’ is a new game that is not yet available, so players are eagerly asking for the release date. The reason is that the developers of the game have recently released the first look of the game, which is also an announcement trailer. Right now, the game will take time to release as it is still developing. So, to know what is Dune Spice Wars release date is, read further.

If you know, there is a sci-fi movie, Dune, that was recently out, and it became one of the best movies of the year 2021. Denis Villeneuve, who is known as one of the best sci-fi movie creators, is responsible for this exceptional movie. Also, it received a lot of positive responses, and because of which we might be expecting a game on it soon. Dune Spice Wars is said to be gaining a lot of attention after its release that it might leave games like ‘Star wars’ behind.

Dune Spice Wars Release Date

There is no announcement regarding the release date for Dune Spice Wars yet. So, when can the players visit Arrakis? Arrakis is the map that will be available in the new game, Dune. It is the capital of the region, Arrakeen. Now, the players might get the game in 2023, and its early access will be out for the players in 2022. This was officially announced in the one-minute trailer that was out a few days ago. Dune Spice Wars’ release date will take around two years before coming into the hands of players because the game has just come to be in development.


Also, the makers of the game said that after releasing the game in early access, they might be taking up to 10-12 months before releasing the actual game. Further, they said that there would be no rush in releasing it because they want to make Dune Spice Wars the best one among others. Well, Dune Spice Wars have a very small trailer too, but they didn’t disclose anything in detail. So, what was in the trailer?

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Dune Spice Wars Trailer

Dune Spice Wars trailer claims that the game will have a death trap that no one has ever seen in the history of the universe. That will be just an expectation for now because the gaming experience of the players will tell the reality. Moving on to the further scenes in the trailer, it shows a city-like structure that is packed in an irregular circle. This city is in a deserted area, maybe that is the city, Arrakis. Further, we see some intruders attacking that city on flying objects. And the camera is continuously moving back slowly.

In no seconds, we see two pillar-like structures appearing on our screens then a big worm appears on the surface and it disappears soon. As the camera moves backward, we see those pillar-like structure to be fingers, and the whole city, land, and the worm, everything was in a hand of a human. Eventually, that hand makes a fist, and everything destroys.

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What can be the Expected Gameplay?

There isn’t much in the trailer, but there were some revelations about Dune Spice Wars gameplay. It will be a game where players have to plan strategies if there want to do good. These strategies should be perfect to defeat others, dominate and take control of the desert planet. Now, what is the spice, and why is it everywhere in the gossips? Well, it will be the most important element or resource in that Dune Universe. This will be able to increase the health of the player.

Also, it will let the player travel in space. Further, the player will be making their own story because they will be free to play and execute their strategy in whichever way they want. Well, the game sounds amazing. So, the main motto of the players of Dune must be domination. They must fight for their governance over the desert planet, Arrakeen. Now, time is changing, and so is the gaming community. It is evolving to a great extent, and games like Dune will take the industry further.

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