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Spoilers & Preview: Driven Season 2 Episode 2

Driven Season 2 Episode 2
(Source: Passionflix)

Fans of the series are in for a treat as Driven Season 2 Episode 2 is soon coming out. The long-awaited second season of the series has released on July 22, 2021. It will follow the course of where the first season concluded. That means fans will get to see more Rylee and Colton chemistry on screen. This second season has four episodes in total. The first episode already aired last Thursday on July 22. Driven season 2 will be based on the 2nd book of the Driven series titled Fueled. The series premiere took place on July 19, 2021. Many other stars from the Passionflix family was present at the screening of the first two episodes. Wicked and Gideon’s Inferno trilogy didn’t have a premiere because of the pandemic. So their cast was also included here.

The making of the second and third seasons in the Driven series was completed back to back. The shootings concluded at the end of 2020. The third season will be based on the 3rd book of the original series Crashed. The shootings were delayed after the first season due to scheduling issues. And not so later, the restrictions due to the pandemic. As soon as those restrictions were lifted, director and Passionflix CEO Tosca Musk started the work. Soon the trailers were released and the official dates for the series were also announced.

Driven: Season 1 Recap

K. Bromberg’s wildly popular series Driven inspired the series. The first season was divided into two parts of 3 episodes each. Driven season one’s first three episodes were released on August 10, 2018. The last three were released altogether on August 24, 2018. This marked the end of 6 episodes in the first season. The story revolves around Rylee Thomas and Colton Donovan. Colton is a rich race car driver who has everything he wants. Rylee tough yet sweet lady who runs an orphanage. Colton is hell-bent on making Rylee his own. But what they will soon realize is that they both have their dark pasts to tackle. Only that way will they be able to get closer.


Casey Diedrick as Colton Donovan & Olivia Applegate as Rylee Thomas in season 1 (Source: Instagram)

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Driven: Season 2 Preview

Following the conclusion of season 1, this season will delve deeper into the bond of Rylee and Colton. Soon they will both realize their undeniable chemistry. And no matter the obstacles they face, their love will surely prevail. The synopsis of the 2nd book will help us get a picture of what to expect from this season.


A Still From the Series

Here’s how the book’s synopsis looks something like the female MC wondering what happens when something which you never anticipated, actually ends up being something you will fight with tooth and nail to keep? She claims that Colton wasn’t supposed to, but she stole her heart. And she didn’t want him to do that either – but he did crash into her life. Colton kindled inside her such feelings which she thought had ceased to exist, and had stoked up in her such a passion that she thought was impossible to lit her with. She realizes that she will never be the same again. And that Rylee has seen the darkness within her. She’s still here and fighting for her. While she, Rylee,  is a saint, the protagonist is sure that she herself is the sinner.

You can check out the books here, on Goodreads. The book has an amazing rating of 4.27

Driven Season 2 Episode 2 Release Date

According to the official schedule, the 2nd episode of Driven season 2 is to air on July 29, 2021. Here’s a little sneak peek of the upcoming episode:

Driven Season 2 Cast

Olivia Applegate will be playing the main role of Rylee Thomas. There will be no change in her character. However, Casey Diedrick won’t be playing as Colton Donovan anymore. There were some scheduling issues after the end of 1st season and he left the show. In his place, Michael S. Roark will be playing the racer Colton. Kenzie Dalton and Bryce Durfee will remain constant as well. According to sources, the case might have an addition of new actors. Some of them are Megan Quinn, Charles Shaughnessy, Mona Lee Wylde, and Brent Antonello. Below are pictures of the cast in quick succession:


Michael S. Roark will be playing as Colton in season 2 alongside Olivia as Rylee (Source: Instagram)

Season 2 of Driven is available to watch on the official site of Passionflix. The series is also available to watch on Amazon Prime.

Driven Season 2 Episode 2

The cast of Driven season 2 (Source: Instagram)

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