In the recent 2 part episode Jiren vs Goku part 1 and 2 something came to light that a lot of us may not of thought of.. Toppo announced that Jiren is fighting not just for the survival of his Universe but also to claim the Super Dragon Balls for himself!

Now why would Jiren want the Super Dragon Balls? It’s been shown he was power that rivals and even surpasses most God’s of Destruction, and people of Justice like Jiren usually just want the important outcome which is survival.. So let’s talk about why Jiren would want the Super Dragon Balls!

Theory #1: Jiren’s race was destroyed!
Now, this could very well be why Jiren wants the Super Dragon Balls, not to mention why he’s trained so much to obtain such a tremendous power! Maybe at one point of time before Jiren had this power (cause no mortal starts off with that kind of power) someone or something wiped out his race.. Knowing what these Super Dragon Balls are capable of, Jiren wants to make sure he can obtain those Super Dragon Balls to wish back his people!

Theory #2: A Catastrophe happened in Universe 11!
This could be a result of Belmod or even a strong villain in Universe 11. Everything we have seen from the top fighters from Universe 11 has shown they are top tier fighters! Fighters such as Dyspo, Toppo and Jiren, so if that Universe has “good or Heroes” strong as them, it would make sense that a Villain comes a long every so often that has the power to challenge them. It would make sense that an epic clash between the Pride Troopers and a strong Villain could cause so much damage that it’s effected their planet, or even near by planets. Seeing how no other Universe’s besides Universe 6 and 7 have Dragon Balls they wouldn’t be able to wish away the damage from battles!

Theory #3: Jiren wants to wish back the other Universe’s!
Everything we have seen of the Pride Troopers is that they pride themselves on Justice! It is possible that in one of their meetings leading up to the Tournament of Power, the Pride Troopers came to the conclusion that this is NOT right! Having 8 Universe’s having 10 fighters fight for their Survival is pretty dark! Yes, I know the other choice is way worse, but no matter the option it’s dark! The Pride Troopers being the self proclaimed “epitome of Justice!” would see how wrong all this is and do what it takes in order to obtain the Super Dragon Balls to revive everyone that fell due to this Tournament!

So these are my thoughts on why someone has powerful as Jiren would want the Super Dragon Balls. What do you think? Why do you think Jiren would want the Super Dragon Balls? Let’s keep the conversation going by leaving your thoughts and opinions in the comments down below! As always, thanks for joining the conversation!


One Universe Cheated In Dragon Ball Super Episode 109 and 110

With the Tournament of Power going on it seems the Dragon Ball Community is split on what their focused on. Some are focused on action, some on story, some on the rules and if their really being followed., No matter where you fall I think we can all agree that this weeks 2 part episode was AMAZING!!

Having said that, was their cheating involved, and does that mean that anything goes as long as the outcome pleases the Zeno’s? Two things in this weeks 2 part episode caught my eye, which it could or could not be considered cheating.. So let’s talk about if some fighters are unknowingly cheating!

The first example I want to talk about is Ribrianne of Universe 2. More importantly when she was having her battle with Goku. It seemed Goku had her on the ropes and backed in to a corner, and out of nowhere the God of Destruction Heles and Ribrianne’s partners who share the same transformation, Kakunsa and Rosu start holding up these sticks..

Now at first I thought they were like cheer leading accessories in order to cheer someone on then I took another look at them. They didn’t start off glowing! These sticks started off pale, then as they are cheering for Ribrianne they start to glow the same color as Ribrianne’s ki! Could they be sending Ribrianne ki and energy? That could explain the sudden transformation that she has neglected to use till then..

Next is Goku and preparing the Genki-Dama or known as the Spirit Bomb! I’m not saying the remaining participants giving Goku energy could be considered cheating,

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