Ever since the intro and Outro to the Tournament of Power was updated and Krillin, then Tien were eliminated everyone jumped on the “Vegeta is being eliminated next” bandwagon.

In this Article, I’m going to outline some reasons why everyone is doubting Vegeta’s role in the Tournament of Power, and why he won’t be eliminated next, and why you should never doubt the Prince of All Saiyans!

The theory of Vegeta being eliminated next comes from the end of the Outro when our participants are being shown in sequence, and in the Outro it goes Krillin, Tien, and Vegeta for the first 3. I don’t think we can just go off of the Outro for the process of elimination. If we look at the Intro, the 1 Star Dragon Ball, and the 2 Star Dragon Ball and held by Krillin and Tien who were the first 2 eliminated in that order. So could we take the Outro as being the true order? No, its simple as that, Also we can’t take the Intro as the true order either.


Given this is about Vegeta, it’s hard to say someone that strong who is at this moment the 3rd strongest of our participants behind Goku and Frieza will be eliminated next. There is just too much that Vegeta needs and will accomplish before being eliminated. Vegeta needs to have his long awaited rematch with Hit. Also the last time we really saw anything of Cabba, he was threatening Vegeta, ready to rush at him. Those are 2 big battles that they have set up, and must deliver on! If you go off the Intro theory the last 3 of our Universe would be Goku, Gohan, and Vegeta in no particular order which would make sense seeing how their the strongest of our participants with Tournament experience or have at least been in a Tournament setting.

So what are your thoughts? Will Vegeta be the one to actually be eliminated next? Or do you think Vegeta will be given a better treatment within the Tournament of Power? What do you want to see from Vegeta? Tell us your thoughts, ideas and opinions in the comments down below! As always thanks for reading!

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