Where Is Frieza In Dragon Ball Super? – Revealed


Beside the question “Who will win the Tournament of Power?”, there is one question that keeps plaguing DBS viewers. And that question is “Where is Frieza?” There is no news about the Ice-jin after he was caught in Jiren’s blast. With the final episodes approaching, fans are getting more and more curious about his whereabouts and if he’s really going to betray Universe 7.

Majority of the fans believe that Frieza is not dead or eliminated because of the fact that he did not appear in the spectator’s seat yet. Some believe that the Ice-jin is just waiting for the perfect timing to execute his plan, whatever that is. He’s probably waiting under the rubbles of the tournament and getting his stamina back. Yeah, something like this picture.

Where is frieza?

It turns out that this meme above is partly true. It is true that he’s covered with rubbles, but he is not quite able to plan for his perfect moment of revenge. And the reason is Frieza is actually sleeping like a log under those rubbles, as stated by the newest spoilers for Dragon Ball Super episode 130. He is beaten hard by Jiren that he fell unconscious.

Translation by Todd Blakenship revealed that Frieza is still in the Tournament of Power. But he’s not likely scheming something, because according to the translation, Frieza was rendered unable to fight. It is even very unlikely that Frieza is currently watching the fight. This revelation might even be a great indication of what’s going to happen in the last episode of the series.

Dragon Ball Super episode 131 is titled “A miraculous conclusion! Goodbye Goku, until the day we meet again.” And who knows, Frieza out there, laying in the rubble, forgotten for a moment because of Goku and Jiren’s greatness, will rise just when the time dropped and the Tournament of Power ceased. That would make him the unexpected MVP.


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