Dragon Ball Super Episode 127 aired today. I think the episode was pretty good. We had a couple of decent moments and the second half of the episode was considerably better than the first half. Universe 7 began their fight against Universe 11’s Jiren in a 3 on 1 battle. However, this time, Jiren didn’t hold back.

He unleashed all that had within him. The result was a bitter defeat for Universe 7’s Goku and Vegeta. Even though Freeza sprung forth for a moment, only to be subdued by Jiren moments later. Jiren’s power cannot be matched easily and everybody knows this. Jiren has broken the hopes of most people today.

Interestingly enough, Jiren did have one big injury on today’s episode, and that injury was dealt to him by Android 17. Everyone thought that it would be either Goku, Vegeta, or maybe even Freeza. But, nobody really thought Android 17 would be the one to catch Jiren off guard. Even though Android 17 did injure his body, he succeeded in wounding Jiren, and tore off his clothes a bit in the fight.

This is where it hit Goku; Jiren can only be injured by using big attacks in the moment of his lack of concentration. It may sound a bit obvious, but that’s actually the only way one can even hope of hurting Jiren. This monster just can’t be injured! No matter what you try or do the monster can’t be defeated.

Will this strategy be utilized against Jiren to hurt him once again? I don’t think so. For one, Goku was hurt really badly by the end of today’s episode. Vegeta and Jiren are the only ones standing. Freeza is pretty much out as well. So in order to distract Jiren, there need to be two warriors up against him, and the conditions simply don’t meet. Vegeta is going to be eliminated by the end of tomorrow’s episode, and that’s going to be it.

I’m not so sure about Freeza, but I don’t think he’ll last either. Episode 129 we’ll see the beginning of Goku vs Jiren once more, and I don’t think this tactic can work anymore. Goku would need to find a weakness in Jiren’s defenses, and capitalize on that. There is no way he can beat Jiren just by distracting him. With just three minutes remaining in the Tournament of Power, Goku needs to step up, or the entire Universe 7 is doomed.




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