The thing about Ultra Instinct is that there is no real definition and requirements on how someone could attain it. Self-awareness can be attained differently by different individuals, so Ultra Instinct is expected to have different triggers. The only certain thing that seems to be needed in every Ultra Instinct awakening is an immense power that serves as the catalyst of the user’s awareness.

Goku got a natural gentle spirit, so it is his natural state to be calm and easy going. With this, Ultra Instinct is almost a natural phenomenon to him. And while Vegeta tries to imitate Goku, it is easier for him to accept that he cannot achieve Ultra Instinct the way that Goku did. Self-awareness doesn’t work like that.

But Ultra Instinct attack mode might be very different. You need to stay calm to avoid danger, but what if you wanted to cause danger? Vegeta is a man who can utilize his rage into savage attacking. He has thrown combos over combos to Beerus because of his anger when the God slapped Bulma. He was also able to do unexpected things because of anger.

If Ultra Instinct attack mode is the mode where the user will be able to throw unavoidable attacks, then Vegeta’s Quake of Rage can be the perfect trigger for this mode. Like a Lion hunting his prey, Vegeta will be able to attack effectively without letting his enemy rest in even a second. This, of course, will consume a lot more stamina. But what is good with Vegeta is his stamina is just barely drained.

When Vegeta reaches this new power, he will be the second mortal who reached Ultra Instinct. Jiren is not yet considered as an Ultra Instinct user because he is still not confirmed to be using the form. If Vegeta and Goku fused into Gogeta or Vegito, their Ultra Instinct will be the perfect form and might stand a chance against Jiren.


The New Vegeta Meme That Could Beat “Over 9000!”

This picture below might be one of Vegeta’s greatest legacies in the whole Dragon Ball series. The “It’s over 9000!” was used for a lot of Dragon Ball memes and even funny things outside the show. It is probably Vegeta’s most known picture on the Internet.

This popularity which was brought by a mistake is so popular that even non-DB fans know about this meme. But it is being replaced by something more funny out of Vegeta’s reaction fro the Tournament of Power. The image of Vegeta falling out of the stage of Tournament of Power gathered popularity more than it should be.

Folks from Dragon Ball Z exclusives posted their own album of this Vegeta memes. They even have a version of Vegeta’s Ultra instinct.

They also inserted Vegeta;s picture on different TV shows and movies. One of the most iconic example is Vegeta’s visit to Titanic.

Vegeta has been chilling around in the Tournament of Power for quite a long time now. His fight against Toppo was cut short and it seems like there will be no continuation to that. He doesn’t do anything significant at this time, so he might as well rest in the Sofa. Can’t believe it? See for yourself.

He even tried to ride a bull because he never had a chance to shine alone in the Tournament of Power. This guy is bored already.

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